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My child’s urine smells

Monday February 11 2019


By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

My child’s urine has a bad odour. What do you think is the problem? Joan

Dear Joan,
Healthy urine is clear or straw yellow in colour and normally does not have a bad odour. However, urine may smell strongly or awkwardly because of the type of diet, dehydration, disease conditions such as a urinary tract infection, diabetes or some hereditary conditions and drugs, especially penicillin.
Babies on exclusive breastfeeding may have odourless urine but if you changed your son’s diet recently to one rich in proteins, the urine may then smell awkward. If he is on drugs such as amoxycillin or if he has childhood diabetes, the urine may smell awkwardly.

If the child is sweating too much and is not taking in enough fluids apart from the urine smelling, it may also be dark yellow.
Much as children do not commonly get urinary tract infections, such an infection if it occurred, may lead to a fever, vomiting and pain at the lower abdomen or while passing urine. Please increase your son’s fluid intake and if this does not help, please visit a doctor for consultation.