Suffering from breast and cervical cancer, Atim cannot afford treatment

Sunday June 28 2020

While at home, Atim’s parents and relatives sold most of what they had to enable her start treatment. PHOTO | COURTESY

Teddy Atim, 28, is a mother of four. The resident of Soroti suffers from breast and cervical cancer. She was first diagnosed with cervical cancer in February 2019 from Soroti Regional Referral Hospital after delivering her fourth baby.
A month into the pregnancy, she developed a blood discharge and when she would go to hospital, she was given capsules that would provide relief but only temporarily. “After delivering, the discharge worsened. It contained pus as well. I then went back to hospital and I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.”

When she told her husband, he told me to go back to my parents’ home. While at home, Atim’s parents and relatives sold most of what they had to enable her start treatment.

“I started treatment in June last year and I came to the Uganda Cancer Institute with my sister as a caretaker . I was started on chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the same time and we had to pay Shs300,000 every month for three months. With this treatment, my pain subsided and I got some relief,” she says.

She then started coming to the Uganda Cancer Institute for monthly reviews because her discharge had also stopped. In January this year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast.

“I was told I had to first stop the treatment for cervical cancer for a while and handle the breast cancer treatment first. I got the first cycle of chemotherapy for free but I need two more cycles to reduce the swelling in the breast before the surgery to remove it is done.”

Atim is still stuck in Soroti because she does not know how much the whole process will cost and has no money to transport her and her sister to the Cancer Institute (about Shs300,000 to and from Soroti).


“I badly need to go to hospital because the breast is swollen and is very painful. I need help,” she pleads.

For assistance, please send mobile money to 0771 883 997 (Teddy Atim).