Unhealthy habits you need to ditch

Monday June 17 2019

According to research by American Chiropractic

According to research by American Chiropractic Association, it is dangerous to carry heavy bags on one shoulder. Due to the asymmetrical load on the dominant shoulder, muscles are forced to compensate for the weight of the bag on the body, thereby causing the spine to go into spasm. 


In the day-to-day life, there are things that we usually do; sometimes on a daily basis but we do not know these practices are harmful to our health. Some are driven by style while others are just out of laziness.

Fashion trends
Dr Vincent Bakyenga, a general practitioner at Uganda Health Federation, says, wearing thongs can lead to haemorrhoids, irritation and skin chafing. They can also lead to vaginal infections. Very tight and high waist pants lead to poor circulation, slow digestion, and dilated veins.

Heels can lead to joint pain, ankle sprains, osteoarthritis and nerve damage. The flip flops on your sandals can cause scrapes on your feet and can easily be infected. Extra-large handbags on one shoulder can cause muscle pain and may end up damaging your joints.
“Shapewear can cause shortness of breath, muscle pain, and blood circulation problems. Tight tie knots for men reduce blood circulation, increase intraocular pressure and limit neck movement,” says Bakyenga.

Not changing pads
At the start and end of the menstrual cycle, many women experience spotted bleeding which usually brings the temptation to wear one sanitary towel throughout the day.
“You should never wear the same sanitary towel throughout the day, according to Dr Joseph Nsengiyumva, a gynaecologist at Bethany Women’s Hospital. This is because once worn for more than five hours, pads can lead to vaginal infections and redness. Changing them often prevents any infection or growth of organisms in the already used pad or tampon,” He says.

Tight unwashed bras
This applies to underwired and padded bras. It is important to maintain hygiene and experts advice that bras must be washed at best after three uses.
“Problems such as skin irritation, breast fungus, poor circulation and hyperpigmentation can be caused if underwired bras are worn for long. Also, they must not be too tight,” says Dr Edward Ogwang, a dermatologist at Skin Specialist Clinic.

Poorly fitted bras often cause back, shoulder and spinal pain. Wearing your bra at night while you sleep keeps the pectoral muscles restrained, affecting the circulation of nerves in the arms and damaging the breast tissues. Also, the hook of the bra strap can cause a bruise while you sleep.


Soap in vagina
Good hygiene is paramount for every woman. However, using soap to wash your genitals is not ideal. Simply washing with water is enough because the genitals have a self-cleaning mechanism, a clear sticky fluid that prevents the growth of microbes.

Sleep with makeup
No matter how tired you are, sleeping with makeup causes premature aging and blisters, among others. If you are too tired to wash your face, have wipes next to your bed so you can remove it.

Tight pants
Wearing very tight pants is dangerous for both men and women. Although some people prefer wearing pajamas, shorts and a T-shirt, others prefer to sleep in nothing at all.
Dr Stephen Watya, a urologist at Uro-Care Hospital says it is more hygienic for men to sleep naked because sleeping in tight underwear can affect the quality of sperm since men’s crotches become too warm in the night.

“The testicles need to be at the right temperature in order to optimise sperm production. Wearing clothes in bed can also encourage bacteria to grow, so sleeping naked allows your skin to breathe.”
Aeration of the genitals is good for women who are prone to vaginal infections, itchiness and irritation. Such women should not sleep in underwear. During the rest of the day, cotton underwear is the best choice since it is absorbent, says Nsengiyumva.

Skipping breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast is very harmful because it uses up your energy reserves and harms the metabolism in the long run.
Using expired cosmetics
It is hard to throw out your favourite eyeliner or foundation, especially after you paid so much for it. However, it is extremely important to abide by make-up expiration dates.

Biting your nails
This increases your likelihood of contracting diseases. According to a study from the University of Colorado, we carry about 3,200 bacteria from 150 different species on our hands.