What causes my testicles to itch?

Monday December 10 2018

My testicles itch so much that I have to hide

My testicles itch so much that I have to hide and scratch 

By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

My testicles itch so much that I have to hide and scratch. I have used maxobeta cream to no avail. What can I do? Daxon

Dear Daxon,
Males have testicles in a contained sac (scrotum) which lies outside of the body between the legs which makes it embarrassing to scratch when one has a scrotal itch. Commonly, dryness of scrotal skin due to use of harsh soaps or old age may lead to scrotal itching. However, over sweating in the groin area after walking around during a hot day or overdressing in tight clothes can cause the same problem. Many men do not wash their scrotum properly or not at all leading to accumulation of sweat, skin oil and dirt which when combined cause itching.

That said, conditions including a spillover of a fungus from athletes’ foot, genital herpes, generalised allergy or other conditions affecting the body causing itching like psoriasis or a mere chaffing effect of clothes may not only burn but also lead to itching of the testicles. Pubic lice or scabies acquired from a sexual partner can also lead to itchy testicles.

Itching of the scrotum requires proper investigations so that the cause is identified and treated but good scrotal hygiene including bathing and grooming in case the balls are too hairy may help stem itching or a pubic lice scourge. Dryness may require use of appropriate lotions while sweating may be reduced by use of light cotton boxer shorts instead of tight synthetic panties.
Use of maxobeta skin cream much as it may relieve does not address the cause, the reason you kept on itching but somehow it was useful to help indirectly. Also, check your testicles for lumps that may show early cancer of the testes.