When is it safe to resume sex after an operation?

Monday February 11 2019


By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

My wife was operated upon over gynaecological problems. How long will she take to heal to enable me have sex with her again? M.E

Dear M.E,
Gynaecological problems may relate to diseases specific to women and girls’ reproductive systems and here there may be a number of operations requiring different time spans for a woman’s wounds to heal.

An operation may affect a woman psychologically whereby even if the wounds heal, she may still tell you she is not ready for sex.
Forcing her may result in dry sex and spasms of the vaginal muscles (vaginismus) which may cause physical injuries to the both of you.

It is assumed that husband and wife will most times consult each other about health and other matters in which case your kind of question should never have come up.