Why does my stomach hurt after my period?

Monday February 3 2020


By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

I am 26 years old and for one year now I have been suffering from severe stomach, vomiting and a yellow discharge which clears without treatment. What drug can I use? Salma

Dear Salma,
Mid cycle abdominal pain, most common in women below 30 years that usually coincides with ovulation is likely to be the so called Mittelschemerz pain. This pain which may be mild or severe (with some women ending up fainting), may last a few hours or even two days.

It is sometimes associated with lots of mucoid discharge sometimes together with some slight vaginal bleeding and nausea. Slight bleeding or altered blood may make the usually ovulation associated discharge reddish or brown.

The pain is not harmful and does not signify presence of disease. No treatment is usually necessary. Pain relievers, may be needed in cases of prolonged or intense pain. You, instead of being told the drugs to buy, you should visit a doctor to rule out other causes of pain and to have a proper prescription if necessary.