In whatever you do, be consistent

Monday September 24 2018


By Joan Salmon

We are told that behaviours become habits, over time. That can only be when you do something repeatedly. In the same light, if you want to live a healthy life, you have to become intentionally consistent with some habits.

For example, body builders did not get where they are by just lifting weights once in a while. It had to be something they did on a regular basis.

Therefore, if you want a healthy, toned body, you have to get into the habit of exercising. The start might not be easy, but you have to keep pushing on if you are to get what you desire. To ensure consistency in workouts, the first thing is planning as it increases success in everything.

Therefore, ensure that you think about the days and times that you will be doing your exercises. Careful planning will help you in achieving your goals. In order to remain consistent, pick activities you can complete repeatedly.

Another aspect to consider is scheduling because without a plan on how long and when you are going to work out, chances are high that you will keep pushing your workouts to a later time or work out less because you are only squeezing time between your busy schedule.

That said, be realistic about your schedules so you do not feel constrained before achieving your desired results.

For example, you could schedule five minutes for warming up, 30 minutes for weight lifting and then five minutes to cool down every day at 6pm. It therefore goes without saying, no dream will become reality if you are not consistent.