I underwent a vasectomy but now I feel some small swellings, Is it cancer?

Tuesday December 19 2017



By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

I underwent a vasectomy but now I feel some small swellings where they cut. Is it cancer? Kanduho

Dear Kanduho,
Vasectomy is an operation where tubes that bring sperms from the testes into the penis (the vas deferens) are either cut, tied or blocked to prevent making a woman pregnant. The man who has had vasectomy will produce semen devoid of sperms and because their passage is blocked they will be naturally absorbed by the body.
On rare occasions, small lumps next to where a cut was made can form (sperm granulomas) due sperm leaks out from the cut end of the vas deferens after surgery. Many times, the garanulomas may be too tiny to be felt but other times they may be felt or even painful.
Most times treatment may be given without need for surgery which may be necessary if there is severe discomfort. Pain and swelling of the areas that store sperms (the epididymis) or testis themselves can occur but this goes with time or application of a heat pad over the painful areas.
On rare occasions bad scars may form where the cut was made on the scrotum but many time then the scar swelling (keloid) is itchy but not painful.

Can I take protein supplements after workout or I look for natural proteins found in food. Which is better and safer?

Dear Amin,

Proteins are foods which help the body form structures such as muscle, hair, nails apart from enzymes and substances that protect us against germs called antibodies. With water, fats, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins, in correct proportions they form a balanced diet.
The best source of proteins and the rest of a balanced diet is food sources because, being natural they are better absorbed hence obtaining the most correct of the needed proportions of the nutrients. It is only in case of lack of the natural food nutrients when one can use supplements. Food supplements are supplements but they supplement food which they should not replace.
Today, many well to do Ugandans are using food supplements even when they are not required. It is true that the well-to-do are taking mainly processed foods (chips and chicken) and leaving out the best foods which are organic ending up requiring to take supplements whose required quantities are not known. Unfortunately, when they end up with toxicity with the supplements, the harm symptoms will come in later and when they are unexpected and difficult to diagnose let alone effectively treat.
Organic foods are those which are not GMO, have not been sprayed with pesticides, and have not been grown using chemical fertilisers.

I take lots of fruits and vegetables and water. However, it is now two days after undergoing a colonoscopy but ever since I cannot go to toilet. Did it make me sick? Eddy

Dear Eddy: A colonoscopy is an examination of the big intestine and rectum using a flexible tube with a video camera which enables the doctor to see and detect changes or abnormalities in the said areas.
To avoid interference with proper viewing, preparations such as dietary restrictions including elimination of solid foods for a few days before the test (this may vary according to the doctor’s instructions), taking a laxative, and being given enemas will be done.
These will clear the big intestines of stool completely meaning that upon starting to eat again after a colonoscopy depending upon your age and type of food it may take 24-72 hours for eaten food to exit through defecation. What you are experiencing is normal and soon your normal bowel habits will be restored.

I am a saved man. However, recently after excreting found my pants with a sticky white substance. My wife thinks I am committing infidelity which is not true.Please help. Pastor Emma

Dear Pastor Emma,
Though a white sticky substance found on your panties after passing stool could be from the anus indicating an infection in the rectum, it may come from another passage formed and connecting skin to the rectum called fistulae in ano. The soiled area of the panties would be distinctly behind or lower down behind.
Your wife complaining that you could be cheating on her means the area of your soiled panties is distinctly in the rest area of the penis and the discharge could be from the penis. This semen leaking after passing stool may not be usual but is likely to be prostatic fluid.
The prostate is neighbours with the store of stool the rectum so that passing stool, especially if it is hard may massage the prostate into releasing its fluid which keeps leaking from the penis sometime after defecation. You may need to take lots of water, vegetables and fruits to soften stool out of its prostatic massage activity. If this does not help, you may need to pad the penis.