Give your bathroom a new look this year

Wednesday January 3 2018

After the work has been done, avoid using

After the work has been done, avoid using the bathroom until every item has dried. Photo by Rachel mabala 

By Roland D. Nasasira

Like any construction phase, remodelling your bathroom will come with its own stresses and worries. Top of the list will be the financial cost of the whole project.

Know what you want
Anthony Kasura, a resident of Najjera, says the most important factor to put in mind when ready to remodel your bathroom is the reason why you are doing it. He adds that one should not put emphasis on the cost of the project but rather on the final product and how the remodel will improve your home’s beauty.

“I decided to remodel my bathroom because it had dull colours and I wanted it to be bright and warm. I also wanted more natural light and the bathroom surface and walls to be made easier to clean without using a lot of energy and detergents,” Kasura explains.

Plan for the unexpected
“I took time planning what it would require and what it would take me to have the work done. This included finances as well,” Kasura says, adding that to avoid being caught off-guard, one needs to put aside a miscellaneous amount in case there is need to spend above the initial budget.
Charles Tumwine, an engineer, says remodelling your bathroom starts with getting rid of old materials such as tiles, sinks and showers, among other items. You will require professional help to avoid causing more damage especially to the drainage system.

Choosing surfaces
Tumwine says choosing the appropriate surfaces for your bathroom is entirely dependent on the quality and type of tiles you choose to use. While there are those that are used on the bathroom walls, there are equally those that were specifically made for the floor.

“After making your choice of tiles to be used, go with the builder to the tile store to help you choose those to use on the floor and those to use on the wall to avoid being cheated or misguided by the dealer,” Tumwine advises.

Measure new ware
Samuel Bwambale, a builder, says in the process of remodelling, new materials to be used such as bath tabs and sometimes toilets are usually in different sizes and shapes compared to those that are being replaced or changed.

According to Bwambale, this means that you have to create new measured adjustments for the new bathroomware to fit and blend in. Taking measurements, he adds, sometimes also means that the plumbing system may be slightly adjusted and that this requires a plumber. Other things whose measurements need not to be ignored include storage cabinets for cleaning tools and hang lines for items like towels.

Give it time
Bwambale says when a bathroom is smaller in size, it does not necessarily mean that its remodelling will take a short time.
“Remodelling your bathroom will take few days if you are changing one or two simple items but if you want to change everything from the floor to the sinks and the wall, you need to give it time to get the results you need. Remodelling and fixing some items is a step by step process,” Bwambale explains, adding that you may have to consider using other bathrooms in the house as you wait for the remodel work to be completed.

Yiga says stone paste (stones) are sold in kilogrammes, and each kilogramme costs between Shs5,000 and Shs10,000 depending on the quality. The gum base costs Shs15,000 per litre while the paste base costs Shs10,000 per litre.

The glaze costs Shs16,000 per litre. However, all these prices vary depending on the company you are buying from.