From the bed to the floor: What you need to know

Have you considered having a bed on the floor for any reason? Most people do it because of the doctor’s instructions. Regardless of the reason behind your decision to move to the floor, there are rules you need to follow.

You can have you your bed on the floor and still make it look neat. Shutter photo 



Usually, people use mattresses on some kind of base, or platform, which they refer to as their bed. However, there are scenarios, where one is required to place their mattress on the floor instead. These include when one has received extra guests in a home, health issues, or perhaps they have not bought a bed yet.
However, some people prefer
to sleep on the floor as opposed to a raised platform. In this case, converting your ordinary bed into a floor mattress might be the best idea.

Allen Nakate, a social worker, says she was suffering from backache and was advised by a doctor to abandon her bed frame with a soft mattress for a simpler mattress on the floor. She says, the doctor told her it was a temporary solution while she searched for a perfect bed that would not cause her back problems.

The advantage
Nakate says after months of sleeping on the mattress on the ground, the pain in her back stopped and she has grown to like its low visual profile, comfort she gets from the floor mattress.

Dr Henry Bukenya of Hope Medical Centre in Wakiso District, says some people casually lay their mattresses on the floor and sleep on it for one night, but for others, it is a permanent solution simply because they do not own a bed or have health complications.

So, can I put my mattress on the floor? “Of course nobody is going to stop you from sleeping on the mattress on the ground. But you have to do it the right way,” Dr Bukenya explains.

Check mattress size
He says first you have to check the mattress size and find a flat place to lay it.

Floor hygiene
Clean the area properly earlier and get rid of any dust and dirt. It is recommended to wipe the floor with water if it is not carpeted.
Also, consider using any disinfectants to cleanse the floor of any bacteria. Let the area dry properly before place your mattress on it.

He also explains: “Cleaning is very important since insects like spiders, ants, and other kinds of common bugs found around the home are more present in many parts of the country.

Bringing yourself closer to the floor, gives bugs a chance to get onto the mattress. This should be a concern unless you like sharing your bed with creepy crawlies.”

Dr Bukenya adds that: “…dust particles collect near the floor and move around with free flowing air. If you are sleeping on a mattress on the floor, then you have higher chances of breathing in this contaminated dust and air.”

Place material beneath
Dr Bukenya advises that if the floor does not have a carpet, use a material to place between the mattress and the ground.
It can be a sheet of polythene or a mat. This will prevent cold waves from the cemented floor reaching you. You can make this in layers, which will make the process more effective. Some people even use thick bed sheets, which is an effective solution.

Air dry regularly
He says if your mattress is to be placed on the floor for long, lift it up and airdry it regularly. You should do this once a week by leaning it upright against the wall while the floor airs out.

Also, clean the area to remove dust, dirt and any other organisms that might be invisibly loitering there.

Elena Nakintu, an interior designer at Royal Interiors Decorators in Nateete, argues that people stay in small apartments, hostels, working individuals who do not have a traditionally raised bed and have a restricted budget visit her interior design shop for an idea on how they can place their mattresses on the floor but, still have neat and elegant bedroom.

She says she advises them to buy folding mattresses. These are usually small (queen size and under), lightweight, portable, chic and less expensive than a traditional full size foam.

Safety for toddlers
Nakintu says sometimes she is contracted to decorate toddlers’ bedrooms and she guides their parents on how to place the bedding on the floor so that way they can play and put themselves to bed whenever they want.
Should they fall out of bed, the distance to the floor is not great and chances of injury are slim.

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