What to consider when building a family home

In order to achieve the best, ensure that you are involved in every stage of building your home. It may be tiresome, but the end result will be worth it.

Building a home in the countryside comes with added advantages such as escaping the noise and pollution of urban centres. Photo by Rachel Mabala 

BY Eric Kyama


When preparing to build a family home, there are quite a number of considerations one has to factor in. Ronald Atwine, an engineer with Excite Construction, believes that some of the things one has to factor in must be in line with their desires for example a certain kind of architectural design they would want. This and other factors, he says, are paramount.

Family size
This is one of the most important factors one has to put into consideration when preparing to build a family home. “For married couples with children, it is imperative that they look at the size of their family,” says Atwine. Putting into consideration the family size will help one know the number of bedrooms or even their size when building,” he adds.

That aside, putting into consideration family size, Atwine adds, is also likely to help one plan for enough space besides bedrooms. “The size of otherplaces such as the sitting room, kitchen and dining area will most likely depend on the size of the family,” he says.

In this case, Slyvia Namusoke, a wife and mother of two, believes that the available finances will act as a guide for those planning to build a family home especially when choosing materials to use or even the size of the house.

However, she says, the lack of finances is not supposed to compromise the quality of the house being built. “Despite not having enough money, one still has to ensure that the quality of the house is not compromised,” she says.

Appropriate location
This is another factor that may bring about contestation among family members. However, the final decision on where to build or even how it should be done, according to Atwine, may finally come in after considering a number of factors such as cost.

“Some people may prefer their family home away from the hustle and bustle of town life. The nearer the home is to an urban centre, the more expensive the land is likely to cost.

Others may prefer to build away from an urban centre because of the need to live in an environment that is less polluted,” he says.

Namusoke adds that another deciding factor is one’s place of work. “For some, living nearer to their place of work will be the deciding factor of where to settle,” she says.

Some places have poor security and therefore a high crime rate. Namusoke says it is important to ensure you are building in a secure place for your family’s safety.

“A secure place is likely to bring about comfort,” she says. “Find information on contacting the local police, check for a neighbourhood watch programme, and see what other resources your area has available to aid in home safety,” she advises.

Weather of the place
Atwine says before starting to build, one should carry out research on the weather patterns of that area. “Know what is likely to affect your home and deal with it accordingly. for example, a stronger foundation may be needed in an area that is affected by strong winds,” he says.


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