Put your fridge in order

Wednesday February 26 2020

Keep manufactured products that need a

Keep manufactured products that need a cool place in the door shelf of your fridge. 

By Desire Mbabaali

Your refrigerator gives life to a lot of things which would have gone bad in just a few days, or even hours. However, to some, the fridge is also one of the most disorganised areas. To others, it is just a convenient place to keep things without much thought, which results in a messy fridge.

However, Sandra Muteesa, a chef at M&T Restaurant, Kabalagala says putting items in their correct places is important because it preserves them the way they are supposed to be preserved.

“The trick is in knowing what temperatures different items need and then placing them strategically in the fridge to keep them longer. It is also always better to use containers for storage; they are tidier and help maximise space,” she says.

She further notes that the freezer is the coldest place, and it should be used for those items that need to be frozen.
“Things such as ice cubes, chocolate, and any other things that you need in ice can be kept here,” Muteesa says.

Fresh meats, chicken and fish should be placed in containers or properly wrapped up, so that they do not pass on their smell or liquids onto other things.

The refrigerator is also most cold at the top, and as you go lower to the bottom, the coldness reduces.
“With that in mind, foods that are perishable require colder conditions to slow down the process of rotting, so while arranging things in your fridge these need to be put on the topmost shelf of your fridge, she notes. These may include things such as freshly cooked food, leftovers, milk, yoghurt, eggs, fresh juice and fresh fruits, among others.


As you go lower, the fridge can be used for things which have a longer shelf life but would thrive under cold conditions.
“Think about things such as bread and other confectionery, ingredients that need cold conditions, among others,” Muteesa suggests.
In the lowest part of the fridge where there are often drawers is just cool enough to store things such as fresh vegetables, raw foods such as sweet potatoes, yam, cassava, pumpkin and some fruits which have a long shelf life.
Lastly, the door shelf is the least cold place and this is ideal for manufactured products that need a cool place.
“Things such as syrups, tomato paste, margarine, honey, mayonnaise, peanut butter and tinned beverages, among others,” she says.
With this arrangement, your refrigerator will become more organised and efficient.