How to utilise the spaces in your bathroom for storage

Wednesday February 26 2020

Can’t seem to find storage space in the bathroom?

Can’t seem to find storage space in the bathroom? Look to those ignored and unobvious spaces such as corners, above the door and sink for inspiration. Baskets are also a great way to add decor and storage space to a cramped bathroom. PHOTO BY BEATRICE NAKIBUUKA 

By Beatrice Nakibuuka

Bathroom furniture and cabinets are a great way to bring personality and flair to your bathroom. For a more organised and spacious bathroom regardless of your bathroom’s size, take advantage of those overlooked spaces.

The storage items that you choose to use in your bathroom should be easy to move from one place to another or when you are shifting to a new place if you are renting. Try them out, and watch your bathroom transform into a spacious spa where everything is neatly organized and within arm’s reach.

Arinaitwe Doreen, an interior designer and consultant at Orchard Interiors, says if you have been hanging towels, toiletries on any old doorknobs, candlesticks, bottle caps, or tissue boxes, now is the time to be creative with new ideas.

Basket shelves
Turn an inexpensive basket or crate on its side to create deep shelving storage. This solution does not require any structural changes. Simply add sturdy baskets on the window sill, bathroom sink or hang them from your towel rack. Baskets are good for storing both everyday bath products as well as extras like towels and toilet rolls.

These can even be a do it yourself project and do not require someone to do it for you, according to Mwacumu Ngonzi, an interior designer at Kawa Interiors. If you choose to use the wire baskets with a traditional look, you do not have to make them sit on your floors or in your closets.

You can hang two parallel towel bars below the window in your bathroom. Next, you can use ribbons or thread through your baskets and tie them to the hanged bars.


“They can be excellent floating shelves for toilet paper, towels and other bathroom supplies that could be crowding your cabinets in the bathroom. Since the traditional baskets are open enough, they allow you to easily see all you have packed in it. They also give a decorative look to your bathroom,” she notes.

Inbuilt storage mirrors
There are newer storage solutions on the market today that combine mirrors and storage in an innovative manner. To make extra storage space for bath products and other things, a two-in-one mirror is a great idea for small spaces. This can be placed adjacent to your bathtub, cabins or sink.
“When closed, it is a full-length mirror perfect for an outfit check with hidden shelves behind the mirror where you can keep your medication, beauty products and other things that would otherwise clutter your bathroom,” Arinaitwe remarks.

Shelves over the toilet
The wall above the toilet can be put to good use with shelves or storage units. You can have floating shelves, glass shelves or an open box unit. These should be at least two feet above the tank and it can be a perfect and central place to store extra hand towels, toilet rolls and bath products, as well as fun decor items such as frames and vases

Old hangers
She also advises that there could be those hangers that you no longer use but cannot figure out what to do with them.
“Do not throw them away if you are out of space in your bathroom. You can reuse old wooden hangers on screw nails to hold items like towels and magazines. You do not have to incur any extra costs for this,” Mwacumu advises.

Corner shelf ideas
Arinaitwe recommends placing a ladder-like unit or a corner rack in one of the corners of the bathroom where you can arrange bath supplies along with interesting decor elements. This will increase space in your bathroom while creating a cozy impression as well. Also, if you have a bathtub with opening side panels, you can try to adjust them and put them to use as storage.

Over the door shelf
If you are running out of storage space in your bathroom, look no further than the area above the door. This space rarely gets used but can be a great place to store things you do not need daily. Get creative with a shelf out of reach to hold extra toiletries or concealed air fresheners and dispensers to keep your bathroom smelling clean.

Arinaitwe says, “A high shelf in the bathroom can also store seasonal items such as string lights and ornaments until needed. It is a perfect way to store all those extra bath products, towels and cleaning supplies. Try steel for a more modern industrial look or use a wooden floating shelf in a more traditional space.”

You can also install multiple rods for the towels at the back of the bathroom door using screw nails and wooden rods. If you opt for metallic rods, ensure to choose the type of metal that will not rust easily.