A larger-than-life house for a young classy family

Wednesday November 28 2018

This plan can fit on a 100ftX100ft plot of

This plan can fit on a 100ftX100ft plot of land. Plan by Simon Peter Kazibwe of Royaux Architects & Engineers 

By Tony Mushoborozi

This is a house for a bloke who genuinely believes simplicity is overrated. If it is not flamboyant, they will throw it out. This house is to homes what the BMW X6 is to SUVs. It’s big, flamboyant but so ugly that only a few special people (read show-offs) will love it. This is the kind of design that leaves no people on the fence. You either love it or hate it.

That terraced roof is overkill by any standards. It looks too heavy and badly thought-through. Like Albert Einstein’s hair, this roof takes all attention away from all other outer aspects of this house. That is how unpleasantly prominent it is. If this is for functional reasons, it is not obvious from the artistic impression.

However, to someone who loves an extravagant air, this roof is perfect. It makes the house look expensive and aloof. You can rest assured that there won’t be many such roofs in the neighbourhood. This house will stand out like a sore thumb. It is highly likely that if this house is close enough to the main road, a taxi stage will be named after it. It has all the signs of a village landmark.

The Hidden Beauty
The pluses that one is bound to overlook on this house are quite many. One of them is the smart combination of concrete and glass walls. This creates beauty and strength without sacrificing practicability. The concrete walls fortify the structure while the glass walls and doors shower the indoors with soothing natural light. And that long glass window above one of the roofs is simply classy.

It is so refreshing that it has an endless supply of balconies, thanks, ironically, to the unbearable terraced roof. There is some functionality to the enormous monstrosity after all. These endless outdoor spaces make it easy for the residents to enjoy the elements without crowding in the same place. This encourages independence of spirit in that sense. That can be a breath of fresh air in modern times where silence is becoming a rare gem.

To wrap up the outer beauty of this house is a toilet that opens to the outside at the back. It acts like an emergency pit latrine minus the annoying latrine smell.
This facility is perfect for city dwellers who don’t have the luxury of space to build a pit latrine at the right distance from the house. It is designed for when there is no flowing water in the taps. This can be a welcome facility during those messy big family gatherings and we all know how every home needs this.

Functional Utility Spaces
This design is as modern as one would hope on the inside. The utility spaces are one fluid stretch of space that minimises on the unnecessary cost of building walls where a lack of them works better. The fluidity of these spaces creates a familial mood for the residents.
The person watching TV in the sitting room can have a face-to-face conversation with the person cooking a meal in the kitchen. The kitchen, the sitting room and the dining area all have doors that open to the outside. This is a smart way to aerate the public spaces and encourages a certain level of healthy living.

The Bedrooms
The residential spaces in this house are very suitable for a big family. At four bedrooms, this house can take a great number of family members comfortably, depending on one’s planning. The corridor that separates the master bedroom from the rest of the bedrooms is very neat and reassuring. The youngsters will not be privy to the private conversations of the president and the first lady, and that can be a do-or-die necessity in a home.
The walkthrough wardrobe is designed to attract the attention of sharp dressers. And even if the main resident is not that interested in clothes, this space can work perfect as a meditation or prayer closet.

This house is quite large and won’t be very kind when it comes to demanding for great amounts of space. Simon Peter Kazibwe, the architectectural designer, behind this design says that this house will only fit on a minimum plot of 100 feet by 100 feet.
The designer says that the walling and roofing alone will deplete your bank account by at least Shs90m. The finishing, depending on the quality and price of all the variables will cost anything between Shs85m and Shs100m.