A larger-than-life house to whet your appetite for artistry

Wednesday November 7 2018

Above is the plan, below is the artistic

Above is the plan, below is the artistic impression. Plan by Simon Peter Kazibwe 

By Tony Mushoborozi

A fresh and out-of-the-box view of mundane things can be fertile soils for artistry. This house has very high levels of art in its blueprint because someone decided to look at a warehouse in a new way.
Here is a home design that looks like a warehouse that is been cut in half. So what kind of person would fall in love with this kind of house plan so much that he would order for it? Is this the preserve of the eccentric guitar player, or a slay pastor, or a wannabe industrialist maybe?
Undeniably, this house is very masculine, to say the least.

The edges
Sharp, pointy edges are the most noticeable element here and this trick is normally a sure way to turn the gender of structural creation towards the male flank.

However, it must be pointed out that pointy edges on a classy boat don’t necessarily make it masculine. They are simply the way to build a good yacht.
Though the roof on this house is uncannily reminiscent of the so-called French-cut roof that was all the rage in this country in the mid 1990s, it works like magic here. It fits on the main frame like a pink hat on the queen’s head while the older version just didn’t seem to sit well on any house no matter what.

The building costs will surely be pushed through the roof by the humongous roof, but come on, who cares about the price when buying gold? Look at that garage roof that slants into the flowers! Look at how high it goes from there. This is a house for people that are obsessed with over-the-top roofs.

Artistry in the details
The two big pillars on the front of this house not only declutter the look of the house, they also give way for some spectacular glass walls. The wooden pergola that seems to slide out from under the roof is just overkill. In a good way. The hanging balcony is the kind of stuff that sophisticated people love to get their hands on.
Homely interior

Although most people would expect this to be an office building, because it looks more like an office than any home we have seen before, this house is all warm and homely on the inside.
It has four bedrooms in total and three washrooms.
The main entrance ushers you into the double sitting room which is wide and spacious.

The Dinning area and the kitchen are both open and blend into each other, in keeping with the times. The kitchen opens to the outside at the back of the house and that is helpful when it comes to aeration and quick getaways in times of fires.
To keep the residents as comfortable as possible, there is a general washroom for when the family is hanging out on the ground floor.
There is also a powder room for when the visitors need to change or do make up without bothering the family by going to their bedrooms.

Opening up kitchen into dining.
Make the new design functional
Foremost and above all, make the new design functional. It needs to be a proper working kitchen.
Good architectural design solves functional requirements first and aesthetics second.
A good working floor plan allows you to live in your house with ease and comfort; it will function properly and help make your remodeled home feel and look appropriate.

The bedrooms
This is a family house that will satisfy all sizes of families. And because, technically, there is no master bedroom, this house is suitable for a closely knit family where the old and the young family members treat each other as equals. Eccentric families can be like that.
The bedroom on the ground floor would perfectly suit the elderly members of the family, leaving the upper floor to the younger ones.

Private balconies
Each bedroom has a private balcony to allow people enjoy their private space when they have to.
There is another sitting area on the upper floor to allow for the family to give each other space when need be.
The designer, Simon Peter Kazibwe says this particular house plan was created for a home owner who wanted to modify his old house. One can only imagine how brand-new the house looks now.

The approximate cost of the structure alone is Shs100 m, according to the architectural designer. The cost of finishing could take the cost to Shs200m depending on the variables. The ideal ground space for this house is a plot measuring 100 ft by 100 ft.


-This is not a definitive plan, the actual plan can be got from an architect.