A swing chair might be what your home needs

Wednesday July 08 2020

A man tries out a hammock swing with heavy metal stand and seat with microfibre weatherproof cushions in a showroom in Kampala recently. Photo by Promise Twinamukye

Most times you watch an Indian movie, there has to be a swing in the house for a particular head of the house; a grandmother, a grandfather or other.

Swing chairs have gradually crawled into our space, you will find many people in Uganda have them in their homes, either on the balcony, porch, Livingroom or even in the garden.

Although they have been mostly popular outdoors, they can make your living room classy and attractive too. That swing can be placed on the balcony and you can have it for one, two, three or even four people. You have a garden, perfect!

You do not have, but still want it outside, the balcony is perfect! Do you want it in your living room? Definitely a good deal. It not only adds a touch to your home, it brings relaxation, comfort especially after a long day from work, or meditation time, a peaceful reading of your favourite book, name it.

Porch swings
These are especially long chairs that can accommodate three to four people. They are usually placed on the outside part of your house, the reason it is called a porch swing.

The ropes or chains are attached to the ceiling of your porch or veranda, leaving the chair swinging. You just have to pick the right shade to compliment your house colour.


These swings range from $190 (about Shs706, 000) to $590 (about Shs2.1m) from online shops.
Some shops along Zana Road in Wakiso District, sell them at least Shs1.2m, both metallic and wood.
Canopy swings
These swings come with a canopy to provide shade for the people in it, from strong sun. So it can go to your balcony, indoor, porch, patio or the pool area. The only difference they have from porch swings is that they have a canopy, and they are mainly portable.

They range from $110 (about Shs409, 000) to $280 (about Shs1m) on online shops without shipping costs.
Canopy swings go for an upscale price of Shs1.3m to Shs4m especially in showrooms on Kampala Road.
In some shops for instance those along Namugongo Road, custom made swings cost Shs1m and more.

“They are made only after someone has placed an order since not many people ask for them. However, the price will also depend on the art one wants in the swing,” Amon Gamparo, managing Director Cool furniture says.

Hammock swing
These swings are often made for one person. They come in fabric, cloth, wood, synthetic. They give you the comfort to curl up while reading your book, taking your coffee or tea, oh that feeling! They can be tied to two sturdy poles or chairs or come with their own stands.

They are mostly in the form of baskets or a half eggshell.
The hammock swings also come with different shades to align with your living room, bedroom, porch or even the garden. It fits almost everywhere.

These swings are priced according to the material they are made from and their longevity.
They are priced ranging from $40 (about Shs148, 000) to $910 (about Shs3.3m) from online shops.
An all metallic (heavy metal) swing with microfiber waterproof fabric cautions go for Shs2.6m, upscale price along Kampala road.

“Since it is weatherproof, you can leave it on the porch, on the balcony for those who live in apartments, in the garden without worry that the colour may fade due to sunshine or rain,” Joseph Leo Felix, a store manager and retail home furnishing expert at Danube homes says.
Leo says that this kind of swing can carry up to 250kg if it is made from original materials.

Tyre swings
These are the most common types of swings. You can even make them yourself. All you need is an old car tyre, a very durable rope and a firm stand to carry heavy weight. It could be a tree or other thing. It can also be custom made for you at a cost.
The swing costs between Rs900 (about Shs45, 000) to Rs21, 300 (about Shs1.6m) from online stores (to be imported).

There are more swings that are not mentioned here, like the all rope swings we would hang in a tree and swing all day as children, which would leave your bottom hurting because you actually sat on the rope for a long time, the natural swings from the creeping plants that made our swinging more enjoyable than the rope, among others.
The wings mentioned can also act as shades in your compound..