Add beauty to your house with mirrors

Thursday December 1 2016

Whether you use metalic or wooden framed

Whether you use metalic or wooden framed mirrors, they will always create a positive impact no matter the size. NET PHOTO 

By Zuurah Karungi

Mirrors give a house a sparkle and if well-placed, they make the most of the room’s natural light. They enhance the look, open up small space and make the room more beautiful.
Mirrors are found in various sizes, colours, designs and shapes. The key is locating the mirror in the right place and the beauty in this is that you can place them anywhere.

Mary Namukose, an interior designer at Daffur Company Limited, says mirrors help to create space since they reflect light in a room making it seem bigger than it really is.
“Even if you want a deeper space in your big room, A floor mirror will do it perfectly,” she adds.
Namukose says mirrors increase light in the room since they create space in the house by reflecting the light given by the sun and the other sources such as lamps hence creating beauty, giving fresh air, light, warmth, at the same time. She adds that you can as well save on the energy since the mirrors will light up the room during the day.
“They can also help to cover the imperfections on the walls, for example, if you have a badly painted or scratched part, you can think of placing a beautiful mirror to cover up the mess,” she notes.

Where to place them
Namukose notes that you can place a mirror in the dining room at the sink. In the bedroom, the mirror can be put by the bedside, behind the lamp or even on the cosmetics desk though this doesn’t limit you to place it anywhere you wish. Place your mirrors in the living room; Edith Kemigisha, an interior designer says acrossfrom the mirrors in the dining room, add some interesting art work so it can be reflected in the mirror to create more beauty. These can be family photos and wall hangings.
“It’s better to use mirrors a cross from the window because these create more effect by reflecting the light given through the widow.” she advises.
You can also use a small wood framed mirror in the kitchen and place it on the shelves. For the bathroom, “A narrow mirror works better when placed on the wall and given various decorations on the sides. This can be better placed above the sink,” Kemigisha notes.

Large wall mirrors

Large wall mirrors are an excellent way to accessorize, as they add space to a room and offer a subtle yet effective method to enhance a variety of decorating themes. From contemporary to vintage looks, mounting one of our sparkling glass mirrors on a wall definitely adds dimension to the room. Current decorating trends encourage a mixture of pieces to create an eclectic look. You can choose an interesting mirror to display above a piece of furniture or by itself to create a room that is interesting

EDITOR’S TRICK: Don’t go over board


Despite the numerous advantages of mirrors, you need to use them minimally because having either a large or many mirrors in one room will make the room hot given the excess light they will be reflecting.