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Wednesday September 12 2018

The artsitic impression. This hou

The artsitic impression. This house can fit on a 500x100 plot. PLAN BY SIMON PETER KAZIBWE OF ROYAL ARCHITECTS 


This is an example of how simplicity can be the most elegant when it comes to architecture. The design is a regular four-wall format common in traditional architecture, yet a slight twist changes everything.

While each of the two blocks is made up of two-apartment homes, that slight tilt-action on the midrib ensures that the two homes are not separated by a mid-wall. They are perfectly private.

The tilt acts like a nose bridge on a human face. The tenants will not see each other even when they live in the same space. That can be a great attraction in apartment homes. The diamond shape in front accentuates the same dedication to privacy.

Good airflow
The two detached structures are designed to compliment each other like pen and ink, achieve a cutting edge look.
These apartments look more appealing and well-thought through than if it were just one block. And the separation has several other advantages such as better airflow. It also allows for one more opportunity to get creative with gardening.

What one might fault this creation on, is that it is not as dainty as one would have hoped. The concrete beams that make up the façade, which always gives buildings of this nature a look of strength and permanence has not worked quite wellwith these.

However, for a structure this simple and this practical, that should easily be corrected by minor cosmetic adjustments. Or it is forgivable.

Interior Specifications
With two spacious bedrooms, each of these apartments could comfortably house a young family that has one or two toddlers and leave enough space for a househelp. But the target tenant for this home is a bachelor or a spinster.

The smaller bedroom can be home to the house help, and if the househelp is not a live-in, this would be perfect for the guests.
For a workaholic, this would be a perfect home office or a study for the heavy reader. The options are endless.

Shared costs
Better still, you can market this as a perfect home for two young people looking to share the rent costs.

Even when the bedrooms are not the same size, they are both spacious and self-contained.

They both have balconies at the opposite sides of the homemaking the shared living arrangement as private as possible.

The bedrooms have closets of the same size too, and that is a selling point here. That is the the enchanting picture of the upper room.

Ground floor
The ground floor is not a fluid space like is the case with most modern houses. And for good reason. Since this apartment encourages shared living, the spacious sitting room is semi-detached from the dining area. This comes in handy when the two residents would prefer to be in two separate spaces on that rainy Sunday afternoon.

It is easy for two residents to be on this ground floor and keep their personal spaces intact.
On the flip side, when there is need to celebrate a birthday or a promotion at work, the ground floor becomes the party space.

Sliding doors
The sliding doors on both sides of this home will provide the best ventilation on those evenings when the house is full of merry-making guests. Most importantly, these wide glass doors allow as much light as possible into this house to facilitate good living.
Simon Peter Kazibwe, the designer of this house plan, says the two blocks fit on a minimum ground space of 50X100ft. He estimates the cost to be at most Shs150m.

If you live in a studio apartment with lots of windows it can be pretty difficult to escape the eyes of the public. Get a thin curtain to hang around your bed.
Privacy screens
One of the major problems with keeping the curtains closed is that you lose all your natural light and air. If you don’t want to be living in a cave, consider investing in privacy screens.

-This is not a definitive plan, the actual plan can be got from an architect.

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