Attractive lakeview plots for sale around Entebbe

Wednesday January 29 2020

A house with a lake view under construction in Kisubi, Entebbe Road, Wakiso District. Photo by Tony Mushoborozi

Living near water is highly desirable for many reasons. The view, the fresh air and the peace experienced when we are near water bodies all play a part in this love for waterfront homes. But probably, the fact that there is only a limited amount of water-front land makes such homes infinitely more desirable.
It therefore goes without saying that any water-view land will always be more expensive than any other land of equal utility. There are quite a number of villages in the vicinity of Entebbe municipality that offer great views of the lake that are still in the price range of the ordinary Ugandan.

Kisubi Parish on Entebbe Road is famed for the historic St. Mary’s College, Kisubi. What most people don’t know is that many villages in this parish are perfect locations to build great lake-view homes.

Affordable Sissa
Take Sissa village, 16km west of Kisubi for instance. It is a hilly parish between Kitende and Nakawuka, with good connecting murrum roads to Entebbe and Mpigi. Because of the high elevation, most locations have views of Lake Victoria in Sissa and the cold breeze is to die for.
A standard plot of land here (50 feet by 100 feet) goes for Shs14.5m. Most of the land on sale in the area is currently owned by property traders which makes everything much more smooth for the prospective buyer.

Accessible Namugonge
Namugonge is about two kilometres off Entebbe Road, near Kawuku. It is a fairly large hill whose eastern side has a great view of the lake.
Property traders have for the last five years capitalised on the great views to sell space to individuals looking to build homes.
James Miiro, a property broker, says plots in Namugonge are now on demand and more people are migrating to the location. “Some of the plots with lake-views go for about Shs45m, while others are even more expensive,” he says.

“Better deals can be got from owners outside the estates though. For instance, there are several 100 feet by 100 feet pieces of land that I know that go for less than Shs45m.”

“Those who don’t have the lake-view go for Shs38m. But even these are great. The hill is accessible, plus it now has a particular class of structures that has turned the village into a desirable residence,” says David Marimu who works for one of the large property trading companies.


Waterfront plots in Bugiri
Bugiri Village is about 6 kilometres east of Kisubi Parish. The treacherous road aside, this village has some of the best close-up views of the lake. The land here slants gently towards the lake shore, giving each spot on the large acreage a vantage point.

According to Miiro, standard plots (50 feet by 100 feet) range between Shs50m and Shs60m. “The few plots on sell are owned by property traders who bought from the original seller some four years ago. While each plot is now worth about Shs60m, four years ago it was only Shs25,” he says.

Lake-view mansions
Katale is one of those hills on Entebbe Road that has a great view of Lake Victoria. The homes on this hill are no ordinary mansions. The people living here are no ordinary middle class people. They are the kind of people that have above-average money. Which is why when a house on this hill goes on the market, it falls in a certain bracket. One of the mansions we visited is a four bedroom house with mazing finishes.

It has three garages, a self-contained guest wing, house-help section and a security room. It sits on half an acre of land and goes for Shs750m. Whether one is looking for a home to live in or just a worthy investment, this property is a gem. A mini hospital would fit here with no qualms.