Bathroom scents: Giving your bathroom a fresh feel

Wednesday January 29 2020

To keep your bathroom smelling fresh, you can place air purifying plants, scented candles and freshener sticks.Photo by Ismail Kezaala

The bathroom is one of the sections in the home that is ignored by some and yet it is a high traffic area. In some homes and or hotels, the bathroom is the most decorated space with music, fresh scents and soothing lights. However, in others, when one enters the bathroom, they are hit by a pungent smell, so strong that it even makes the eyes tear.

This should make you consider changing the way your bathroom smells and looks. There was a time when one had to rely on air freshener spray or opening the windows or probably flashing to get rid of stench, today we have so many options to pick from. There are a variety of ways to give the bathroom a fresh look and scent.

Air purifying plants
Christine S. Mwogeza, an interior designer with Beauty Littles Interiors, says nature always gives that fresh and alive look.
“I would recommend air purifying plants in a pot so that you do not crowd the bathroom,” Mwogeza advises. You can visit a gardener to recommend bathroom plants according to your tastes and preference.

Lemon fragrances
She also recommends lemon fragrances which leave a lingering clean scent. She, however, advises that one should keep bathroom colours light. In the event that the bathroom has many colours, ensure that they seamlessly flow or have a feature wall as it makes implementation of colours easier.

Air circulation
Even the most well ventilated spaces can sometimes trap little particles of moisture, so the ultimate way to keep things looking their best is to maintain clean, free-flowing air at all times. Open windows while taking showers to allow moisture to escape. Regular cleaning and checking will ensure that your bathroom looks better for longer.

Freshener sticks
This is a budding trend that actually works wonders. According to Doreen Ninsiima, an interior designer from Orchard Interiors Limited, the freshener sticks are scented in various fragrances such as lavender, vanilla among others according to an individual’s preference.
Ninsiima recommends that the freshener sticks be placed above the washing sink or even on the windowsill.


Scented candles
It often goes without saying that candles can be used to create ambience according to their scents. Well, Terry Namubiru, who makes scented candles shares that scented candles can be used as fresheners in the bathroom to give it a serene and fresh environment. The commonest scents that her clients prefer for the bathroom are lavender and vanilla.

“I clean my bathroom every week and scrub the tiles because this works wonders for me,” Caroline Namugose, a home owner, shares. Cleaning the bathroom beats everything else and makes the scents more effective as it creates a fresh look every time it is done.

“It’s a trick a friend shared with me that charcoal is the best air freshener and this has worked wonders for me, ”she adds.
Whatever your personal preference is, choose a scent that works for you and creates the desired effect that you would want in your bathroom.