Bedroom storage solutions to keep your space organised

Wednesday May 13 2020

An interior designer at Danube Homes explains

An interior designer at Danube Homes explains how a hydraulic bed saves space. A hydraulic bed is great for extra storage space in the bedroom. Photo by Isamil Kezaala 

By Carolyne B. Atangaza

A cluttered bedroom can make even the most spacious bedroom seem small. According to sleep experts, when we are surrounded by a mess, we may be able to ignore it, but our brains will always register their surroundings. On a subconscious level, our brains will believe they need to complete a task, such as sort laundry or clear away piles of books. When we finally get around to clearing away the clutter, our brains are finally able to relax, release tension and allow us to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep. One of the best ways to deal with the clutter is making sure there is enough storage space. Some of these spaces are the obvious ones such as inbuilt closets while others require creativity such as multipurpose furniture.

Peter Epenu, a décor expert, says each bedroom has different storage needs. “For instance, children tend to have more clutter in their bedrooms that can easily get out of hand. What will work in a children’s bedroom might look out of place in the master bedroom,” notes Epenu.

Multifunctional furniture
Children’s bedrooms according to Epenu, can benefit more from multifunctional furniture such as toy chests placed at the foot of a bed, under a window or against a wall that can also be used as seat or table. To create a second functional use, top a chest with cushions to turn it into a seat at a play table or in a reading corner.

Wall unit
Another must have storage option is a well-designed wall unit. Create shelving to accommodate books, clothes and knickknacks, but also as a dresser and even desk for each child. The inbuilt shelving has the added advantage of being used as décor in the room. “Select shelving in different sizes and colours, and artfully add a personalised touch, by using each child’s favourite colour for their personal shelf space,” Epenu advises.

Storage boxes
Another space that can be repurposed for storage in the children’s bedroom is the space under their beds. Some of the clutter is created by the things that children have outgrown or they use once in a while. Instead of taking up the much needed closet space, Epenu recommends packing up those items either in boxes, containers or plastic bags and placing them under the beds. If your under-the-bed storage will be visible, consider choosing colourful containers that will not become an eyesore.

Creating extra storage space in an adult’s bedroom requires putting into consideration the shape of room, the colour of surfaces and the positioning.
At the end of the day, you need a bedroom that feels airy, bright and well-coordinated. Creating this kind of feeling according to Ellen Katumba, an interior designer, starts with the colours in the bedroom.
“If you like to feel airy and expansive choose case blues and whites, if you like to feel cheery and welcome, choose to work with yellows,” she advises.


Inbuilt wardrobes in a bedroom are a good
Inbuilt wardrobes in a bedroom are a good storage space saver that will help you keep your bedroom organised. Photo by Isamil Kezaala

Unutilised space
The second step is to consider the unutilised space in the bedroom such as corners, which is prime for implementing creative bedroom storage ideas. Another commonly unused space is the 12 inches of wall below your ceiling. Put this space to work by installing shelves which will free up floor space and allow more natural light to flow through the bedroom.

Just like in the children’s bedrooms, Katumba recommends the use of multipurpose items such as repurposing vintage suitcases to make a nightstand or a chest placed at the foot of your bed. These can be storage spaces for those items that you do not use often.

One of the difficult things to find proper storage for is your jewellery. What you need is a cork board. It is easy to make and is stylish. “All you need is a board, wine corks and hooks to create a customised jewellery holder that will keep your jewellery from tangling while providing a décor element in the bedroom,” Katumba notes.

For smaller bedrooms, adapt your bed to store many things, starting at the bottom. To make sure there is enough storage space, get a raised bed. You can then pack your items in plastic containers or trunks and store them beneath the bed. Alternatively, you could get a storage bed. They come with as many drawers as needed for storing clothes, files, or your linen.

Use your doors for storage
Doors create storage space that is normally under looked. With a few hooks, hangers and pockets, your bedroom or closet door can provide a very handy storage space.
For instance, by attaching a towel rail on your closet door can provide space for your belts and scarves. Use clear pocket over the door organisers to store hair products, socks, underwear, scarves, belts, makeup whatever your little heart desires. Place hanger hooks right over any door, perfect for purses and handbags. Hang one inside the closet in your entryway or in your bedroom to help keep your purses accessible, but out of the way.