Book shelves and a million little things you can do with them

Wednesday July 31 2019

Any item  ranging from cushions, toys flowers

Any item ranging from cushions, toys flowers can be stored on a shelf. The trick is in the arrangement. Photo from 

By Pauline Bangirana

Depending on what your needs are, the shelf can be used in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, corridor and even the veranda.
The shelf can serve more than one purpose and today we explore the different ways you can tweak it to add a touch of uniqueness to your home.

Kitchen cabinet
Vivian Namono shares that she has a bookshelf in her kitchen which she turned into a spice display table.
“I keep all my spices on it. The beauty about it is that even friends and family who come to my home are now doing the same,” Namono says.
Namono says they are neater, more organised and are easy to reach.

Ironing table
Elizabeth Karungi, a communications specialist, uses hers as an ironing board.
“I didn’t have space in the house and as such decided to place it in the children’s room. Right now it’s the ironing table and we also fold some of the clothes and store them on the shelves”, Karungi shares.
Karungi adds that she is not that much of an avid reader and does not own very many books therefore using the shelf as an ironing table was ideal.
“It actually looks great and the room doesn’t feel cluttered,” she adds.

Wine bottle holder
Depending on the make of the book shelf, you can decoratively place wine bottles on it.
However, Peace Agumenawe, a baker, who has done this caution that this is ideal for a household without children.

Picture frame holder
Agumenawe says that book shelves can act as picture frame holders. However you have to arrange them artistically to avoid a cluttered look, she says.

TV Stand
Book shelves work well as a TV stand.
“You can place the TV on top and use the shelves to store other items, Agumenawe shares.


Toys Storage
Karungi intimates that at one point, she used her book shelf as a storage unit for her children’s toys.
“My shelf has been used in various locations in the house. At one point, it was in the living room corner storing toys.

Art pieces, medals and certificates look good on a shelf and are easy to find when you need them.
“These can be framed and added on the ‘shelf’ of honour,” she says.

Shoe rack
Why buy a shoe rack when you could turn one of your underused bookshelves into one? Instead of bringing in more furniture( a shoe rack), you get to save space and money.

House plants
No, you can’t read them but house plants look good on book shelves.
So, they might not be a million, but there are many items a book shelf can be home to.

Fresh look
There are a number of options when it comes to giving your reinvented shelf a fresh look.
You can paint the shelf, polish it or even dress it with fabric, most preferably African print fabric.

How much?
Godfrey Nsubuga, a carpenter in Namungoona says to have a shelf made could cost you at least Shs150, 000 If you opt to buy an already made one from a furniture store or supermarket, you would need atleast Shs250,000.