Bring romance into your home with special decor

Wednesday February 12 2020

You can never go wrong with red and white décor for valentine. PHOTO BY KELVIN ATUHAIRE

While most couples prefer to spend their Valentine’s Day in new and exotic environments, others, especially those with families would rather spend it at home. If you are one of the latter creating a romantic environment is key and will add a festive atmosphere to your home.

Gloria Kawuuma, the proprietor of Grand Interiors, says the best way to give you home a special look is to decide whether you want to have a family valentine’s celebration or a ‘‘private’’ one. Then, choose the rooms you want to decorate as it would be expensive to decorate the entire house.

For a ‘‘whole family’’ celebration, the dining room is key while bedroom décor should be given priority for a private celebration.

Invest in fabric
For a romantic ambience, invest in rich fabrics such as velvet and satin. Kawuuma says these set the mood and have for long time been known as the go-to fabrics for creating a lavish look.
The colour should be to your preference but a consideration of red would be great since it is Valentine’s Day.

In case you stick to red, choose white linens for a fine dining appearance. Use cloth napkins with a coordinating colour with decorative napkin holders for added effect.

Set the dining table
Here, beautiful table linen, petals and candles will do the magic. If you are setting the table for the whole family, you will minimise the petals but a dinner for the two of you could even have you throw some petals on the floor.


At the table, avoid a high centerpiece, especially if you will be sitting across from each other, so you can easily see each other. Use a wide, clear bowl full of water with floating tea lights for a non-floral option. Sprinkle a handful of flower petals or small gemstones around the tabletop to complete the look.

For cutlery, do a modern dinner set up, do not just throw your cutlery all over the place.

Afterwards, put candles on the table. Kawuuma says the candles may be scented but be careful not to use very many different scents as these may mask the aroma of your food. Just use a minimal scent to set the mood.

Use less light
Avoid direct electric light and use candles or put a lampshade to dim the light in the room. If you opt for candles, put them around the room. “Putting a handful of candles may not achieve a romantic mood but many will. Glasses can serve as holders for this occasion,” the interior designer explains.

To match your décor, decorate the candle holders with ribbons or lace of colours.
Make the bedroom heavenly
Since there are usually no seats in the bedroom, Kawuuma advises that you maximise the floor.
“Set up a floor rug or use a regular blanket for a softer and warmer floor. Put throw cushions and set up a movie on a laptop to relax the mood. On the floor, put red velvet and white petals,” recommends the décor expert.

The beddings you choose play an important part of the whole décor. Silk and satin are a perfect fabric because they will give you a relaxed and cozy feel.
Buy flowers
Love is synonymous with flowers and they are also a very popular way to express one’s love and affection hence a must have as part of your decoration. While buying, consider red roses, orchids and white petals for the room and table. You may also use consent flowers for the dinner table.