Bubaare offers several investment opportunities

Wednesday November 13 2019

Bubaare is a good place to invest in cattle

Bubaare is a good place to invest in cattle keeping. Photos by Rajab Mukombozi 


Huge chunks of land with either herdsmen tending to cattle or farmers cultivating, or harvesting matooke, is what comes to mind when you mention Bubaare, a sub-county in Mbarara District.

Why invest in Bubaare
Unlike other areas in Mbarara that have experienced population explosion, Bubaare is still relatively sparsely populated, and thus there is still land for sale. The area also has fertile soils good for farming. The area receives two rainy seasons.

Despite being a cattle keeping area, there is fairly controlled grazing.
Bubaare’s proximity to Mbarara Town and other growing towns including Bwizibwera, Rutooma-Rubindi, assures a prospective investor of ready market for matooke and milk, so one can invest in both.

Accommodation business
Bubaare borders the new Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) Kihumuro campus. This makes the place ideal for student accommodation investment.

“Students now travel by university bus from Mbarara Town to attend lectures at this new campus, even staff and administration drive every morning and evening to Bubaare but if there were hostels and accommodation facilities, they would be staying around,” says Robert Bamutonda, a real estate dealer.

He says the land around here is now becoming hot cake because some land owners have already demarcated plots for sale, targeting investors in rentals and hostels.


Fast growing urban centres here such as Kashaka, Mugarusya, Rwentanga also provide an opportunity to invest in accommodation. Some of the people who work in Mbarara commute from these towns.

Hotels, hospitality business
The location of Bubaare also presents an opportunity for investment in hotel and hospitality business. It is close to Mbarara central business town, cuts edges with two major roads Mbarara –Ibanda road, and Mbarara –Bushenyi road.

The existence of Nyakisharara airfield also presents an opportunity to invest in this business. Investors are already taking advantage of this and hotels are beginning to emerge like Emburara Farm lodge on Mbarara-Ibanda road.

Cost of land
A 100x100 plot in Bubaare costs Shs7m and Shs10m. An acre costs between Shs25m and Shs30m.
Wilber Kamugisha, a land broker, says land with a plantation on it can costs up to Shs60m, an acre.

He, however, notes that most of the land owners who sell in acres, rarely sell plots smaller than five acres.

Social services
Bubaare has a health centre III near the sub-county headquarters and a host of private health service providers.

There are also primary, secondary school and vocational institutes here so need to worry about trekking long distances in search of schools for your children.

Part of the area has access piped water but majority residents depend on shallow wells, boreholes and rain harvesting.

Being connected to major highways, it is one of the areas with more than one police post, that is Bubaare and Kashaka police posts.

The presence of police patrols along the highways also helps to keep the security of the area in check.