Build a luxurious four bedroom house

Thursday December 14 2017

This is a plan for a luxurious four bedroom house.

This is a plan for a luxurious four bedroom house. Photo by ACQ Consortium 


A house is one of the most expensive items you will ever purchase. If you are planning to build a bigger house, learn to pay attention to the details and this starts with choosing the right plan. Simon Peter Kazibwe, an architect with Royal Architects, opines that when one is building a big house, the idea is to maximise feet in rooms that count and make sure the house has a layout that relates to others appropriately.

In this plan, Kazibwe provides an excellent layout that neatly separates the living quarters from the sleeping quarters. The open plan gives superb sightlines throughout the living areas, including the open kitchen with an extra entrance at the back which opens onto a shade.

This house has three bedrooms and a master suite. Each of the bedrooms has an in-built closet and they share one bathroom that has been strategically located in the centre. The bathroom also has an extra door that can be accessed from outside that opens into a porch.

The master suite sits conveniently at the extreme corner of the house with an attached office that would make a great nursery. Other features of the suite include a large shower, a substantial dressing room and a lounge.

The living quarters have been opened up and have a free-flowing design. From the entrance, one enters the living room that flows into the dining room and consequently into the kitchen. Between the kitchen and the dining room a generous space has been provided to accommodate an inbuilt cupboard which can serve both spaces. Attached to the kitchen too, is a fairly large store.

Although this house exudes sophisticated luxury, Kazibwe says that it can be built at a minimum cost of Shs60M. He adds that it can fit properly on a 100X100ft plot of land. However, he notes that it looks much better built on a plot that has some land around it which will make the house look like it belongs where it sits. “Building this house on a smaller plot will make it appear badly proportioned and out of place,” he adds.

George Botyo, the construction manager at MGKB Building Contractors, reckons that to be able to build this house, one would utilise modern or industrial mixed materials such as concrete, vinyl, and glass.

Avoiding site preparation charges
Processes such as hauling in-fill dirt, grading, clearing trees and blasting rock are expensive and add time to the building schedule, so when buying land for residential house construction, go for land that is relatively flat, dry, and easily accessible

Hunt for bargains
To keep within the affordable budget, you have to visit the local market and inquire about the costs of readily available material. This will help you to keep within the construction budget as you make informed decisions.

Buy local
Most people prefer buying material from far places just because someone they know bought from these. “Well that is wrong. Why face the transportation cost yet it can be cut by buying materials around and near the site?” Botyo wonders.

Buy low maintenance building materials
Go cheap on easy to replace material such as surface mount light fixtures but never on built-ins such as the tub and shower valve and recessed lights.

Use only certified and affordable contractors
Reach out to good, registered and recognised construction companies to provide you with genuine building quote for your house plans and get to know how much it would cost for each level of construction.

Centralise the planning
Plan your heavy plumbing areas including kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms in close proximities to avoid high costs of running plumbing pipes.