Where to rent a house in Kampala

An apartment building for rent in Makindye Division. Photo by Rachel Mabala

Makindye is one of Kampala’s five administrative divisions. The others are Nakawa, Rubaga, Kawempe and Central Division. Makindye is quite populous and much like the other four divisions, is occupied by all classes of people and all types of houses from shacks in slums to high end mansions.
The area covers Buziga, Munyonyo, Bunga, Kawuku-Kalungu, Muyenga, Kisugu, Kikubamutwe, Namuwongo, Wabigalo, and part of Kibuli, Kabalagala, Katwe, Kibuye and Ggaba –Katoogo.

High risk areas
Andrew Ssenyonjo, a resident of Makindye Division, once rented a house in Ggaba, Katoogo Village. He says that during the rainy season, the area floods. Property is destroyed and movement is almost impossible.
He says Katoogo was classified by National Environment Management Authority as a swamp but people have still gone ahead to build houses there.
Kikuba Mutwe is another high risk area in Makindye Division. In the evenings, it plays host to the ladies of the night plying their trade. This of course attracts petty thieves who prey on unsuspecting residents.
Makindye has several well-constructed and designed houses in its slummy areas. However, security here is not guaranteed given the surroundings. So don’t be too quick to go for a house on account of its beauty without considering the environment.

Rent Fares
In Munyonyo , Buziga and several upscale areas of Makindye Division, a one-bedroom semi-detached house goes for Shs650,000, a two-bedroom apartment goes for Shs700,000, three-bedroom apartment costs Shs1,200,000, two to four-bedroom costs Shs1,520,000 on average.
In other areas like Ggaba Trading, Kawuku, Salaama and Bunga, you will need at least Shs 150,000 to rent a single room. A self- contained two-room house costs at least Shs250, 000 depending on the quality and exact location.
In Kabalagala, Kansanga, Namuwongo and Nsambya, a single self-contained room costs at least Shs250, 000.

University students’ population
If you are looking to rent a single or double room in Kansanga, Kabalagala and Ggaba, be prepared to compete for space with students from universities in these areas. Some of the universities in the area include Kampala University, International University of East Africa and Kampala International University. Landlords in these areas usually name their prices according to the influx of students.

Makindye is easy to access from the city centre. A boda boda to Makindye from the city centre will set you back by about Shs3500. Commuter taxis charge between Shs1,000 to 1,500 from the city centre. This takes about 10-15 minutes depending on the volume of traffic jam. There is even a direct route to Entebbe from Munyonyo via the new expressway.

Nakawa Division
And now to Nakawa Division, which includes Naguru, Kololo, Ntinda, Bukoto, Bugoloobi Butabika,Kiswa, Kiwaatule, Kyambogo, Kyanja, Luzira, Mbuya,Mutungo, Nabisunsa, etc.
According to Hashim Kiwanuka, a house broker in Nakawa, the proximity of most of these areas like Naguru, Ntinda and Bukoto to the city centre is the reason houses here are highly priced.
Mr John Katunguka, a house broker in the area explains that areas like Mbuya, Kinawataka and Bugoloobi are the most affordable locations in this division.
A one-bedroom house can cost Shs350, 000 in all the above locations. A two-bedroom house will set you back by Shs500,000 in Bugoloobi and Shs600,000 in Mbuya, while a three-bedroom house in Bugolobi costs at least Shs800,000 and about Shs825,000 in Mutungo Biina.

Even though rent is generally high in this division, there is relative security and access to the city center is quite easy. A boda boda to the city centre will cost you between Shs3000 - Shs4000.
Ms Juliet Ayeto a resident of Ntinda revealed that unlike some areas in Kampala where toilets are another worry to address, in Kampala Central and Nakawa divisions sanitation is fine.

Rubaga Division
Barely 7.2 kilometers from the city centre, Rubaga is only a 20-minutes drive away. Neighbourhoods in Rubaga include Lungujja, Kosovo, Ndeeba, Mengo, Bulange, Nalukolongo Nateete, Wakaliga and others.
This division has attracted real estate investors with many beautiful houses cropping up especially in Lungujja and Mutundwe. There is also a litany of spacious bungalows with leafy compounds. However, everyone is catered for here. You will also find single rooms and basic two-bedroom houses for rent.

Rent Fares
A single-room house costs Shs180,000, a self- contained two-room house costs Shs 360,000. Renting a bungalow in Rubaga will cost you at least Shs1.8m and above depending on the space/size, area, condition and the presence or lack of a perimeter fence.

A commuter taxi ride from the city ranges between Shs1, 000- Shs1, 000 and Shs3, 000 for a boda boda ride.
Rubaga can be accessed via Albert cook Road but in case of traffic jam one can opt for the Kalitunsi Katwe Road via Clock tower and Ring Road via Kibuye –Ndeeba or Kabaka Anjagala Road via Mengo.

Ms Sumaiyah Nakityo, a resident of Nalukolongo intimates that most areas around Nalukolongo and Nateete flood when it rains. She also revealed that areas like Sembuule and some slums in Natete have had several cases of insecurity.

Before settling for a house, find out from residents about how secure the area is. Residents usually have information about cases of robbery and other past incidents that might be of concern.

Many gated houses in these divisions have security guards. But this comes at an added cost.


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