Cheaper alternative for a garage

Tuesday March 11 2014
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A carport is a car shelter. It is built either as an integral part of the house, or as a separate partial protection for cars. Some people prefer carports to garages for various reasons.

Carports are less expensive to build compared to garages, they cost almost 50 per cent less so you can save some money with this option.
• A carport will protect the paint of your car from being destroyed by sun light; protect the cars from falling trees and branches.

• Carport can serve as a way of building a garage in phases, where by if you’re on a tight budget, you may build a carport first and later convert it into a garage by build the walls and putting a garage door.

• Parked in a carport your car has plenty of natural ventilation

• When you’re holding an outdoor function like a party, the carport space can be easily used as shelter for some of the activities.

• A carport will add value to the house In terms of elegancy and sell price, in case your selling your house you could use it as a bargaining tool.

Even though Carports come with the above advantages, (compared to garages) they have disadvantages as well as briefly explored below.


• Since garages are lockable, they are a very secure way of protecting your car(s) and you may also have storage space in the Garage, where you keep spare parts garden tools and other equipment. Which the carport can’t provide.

• In case you need extra room, for example, a bedroom, it would be easier and cheaper to convert a garage into the required space as opposed to the carport which will require building new walls. The information we share is not final and not covered in-depth, it’s only intended to give a quick understanding of the subject matter. It’s therefore important to understand something very well before attempting to build it.