Christmas décor for your dining

Wednesday December 19 2018



The dining room is probably one of the spaces in your house where you are bent to spend a great deal of time this festive season.
Therefore, you shouldn’t fail to bring the Christmas touch into it. Mary Namukose, an Interior designer, notes that chair covers will add a new look to your change and give them a sparkle. They are in a variety of colours, and shapes.They should have colours that don’t easily get stained.

Vanish the seats
Alternatively, you can vanish the chairs to give them a new look, you can use the colour of your choice but to make sure to can stand stains.

Add flower
Flowers have the power to change the look of any place if chosen wisely. Adding a banquet of flowers to the table will add beauty. Jackeline Biira, an interior designer, notes that adding in door flowers in corners will add a feel of nature in the room. She says these should be planted in the direction of the sun to grow well. Constant watering is also paramount.

Paint the room
Biira adds that the way the room looks adds to beauty on the dining table. The dining room should be given colours that arouse someone’s appetite for example Blue, Purple or white.
The curtains used in the dining room also matter as they contribute to the beauty. She adds that everything used should in a way or another complement each other.

Place a Christmas tree
Namukose adds that a Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas and will bring out the mood perfectly well. This can be matched with sweets and coloured lights to bring out the desired beauty.

Decoration without cleanliness is a waste of time. make sure the flower is clean, the table is free from food drops and stains at all times as well as the table clothes.

Declutter the place
Remove unnecessary materials from the dining room, this will leave it spacious and looking great.

Add a fragrance
Yes, its Christmas and a fragrance is necessary to emphasise the importance of this season. You can use plants to have this feel in the house or alternatively buy some house refreshers to have your room defined.
“It would be pretty amazing to enter your dining room for lunch or super and there is a great fragrance a companying your food,” Namukose adds.

Allow light in the room
This could be natural light or lumps, these will help add a great feel in the house especially in the morning and evening hours. You can also use mirrors to bring in beauty, class and elegancy in the house.
Joseph Kato, an interior designer at Kawa Interiors says colour, lights, fruits and wall paper can make a difference.

These can be red, green, gold, or white. If you have some money to spare, get that dining window a new solid coloured curtain to highlight the Christmas color of your choice – red for example. For the dining table, a curtain table cloth (white color for example) can do to blend in with the red on your window. To add to the beauty, get a red and white flower vase where you can also put the same combination of flowers to complete the look. On the other hand, you can still put candles (red candles) and silver bell candles as centre piece for your dining table. Don’t forget to play some Christmas music to improve ambiance.

Lights have since been a festive season theme and you might want to give them attention in your dining. Use candles – lots of them as a centre piece but also around the dining space using candle stands. Use mercury glass pieces that beautifully reflect the warmth, glow of the burning candles. But again, adding twinkling lights will exaggerate your dining room’s look by giving it a sparkle.
Go green
Going green with Christmas is always a good choice. Use evergreen branches on your table and around the room. Add glister ball to the evergreens for more glamour and shimmer to the table. You can also put details like linens and beautiful accessories like the Christmas tree, ribbons, bells details – preferably red and white.

Wall paper
For a fresh look in your room, you can decide to go big and getting a wall paper. You can add a Christmas tree decoration.

Hghlight your dining with fruits. Use a big glass bowl and choose green, orange and red fruits like apples, oranges, berries among others. Placing a number of such bowls on platforms around your dining room will help you highlight the fruit theme.