Cleaning your washing machine

Wednesday April 10 2019

Pour vinegar in the washing machine and run a

Pour vinegar in the washing machine and run a cycle on hot. net photos 

By Desire Mbabaali

Your washing machine might be one of the most important household appliances. It not only eases your work doing laundry, but also keeps you and your family clean. And so, it is only fair to clean it thoroughly so that it gives you the same in return.

Failure to give your washing machine a thorough cleaning will leave it smelling foul, transferring the smell to your clothes, plus mold.

So, how do you clean your washing machine thoroughly? Before cleaning your machine, consult the user’s manual/ guide for any cautions and how to remove its parts.

White vinegar is a good cleaning agent and stain remover. With a little water, add about two cups of vinegar into the washing machine and run a cycle on hot. This will make it easy for you to clean the drum or inside your machine.
With warm water, detergent and a sponge, scrub the inside of the washer; all around if circular or on the walls and bottom of the drum.

If your washer has two compartments for washing and drying clothes, also clean the drier thoroughly.
Clean inside the door of the machine, ensuring that you also clean the rubber sealings on the machine. However, scrub gently, so that you do not peel off the rubber sealings.

Remove soap dispenser.
Do not forget to remove the soap dispenser, especially, if it is removable. Carefully remove it from the machine, soak it in warm water and detergent and scrub separately.
Additionally, wash the exterior of the machine, carefully cleaning any corners and cringes, and removing any dust coat, if any.

After this, pour clean water into the washer and run another cycle on hot and remove the water. With a dry clean towel, wipe the inside dry, including the door all around. Dry the outside of the machine too.

Care for your washing machine
Often check your washing machine to ensure that it is not directly on the wall. There should be space between the wall and the machine to ensure that it does not rub and scratch against the wall as it vibrates while running.
Additionally, make sure that the machine is on a levelled ground. If a machine is off balance, it rocks and also moves with the vibrations, and if placed on a high level, can easily topple over.

Overloading machine
Do not overload the machine while washing. Always use the right amounts of water, detergent, and load of clothes for good results. Furthermore, this enables long life for your machine because it is given its appropriate work.
When washing clothes with heavy materials, put small loads into the machine so that it is not overloaded and overworked.
After washing, always run a cycle of clean water through the machine.