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Deal with stains on your sink, toilet and bathtub

Wednesday March 13 2019

To clean a stained sink or bathtub, pour a

To clean a stained sink or bathtub, pour a reasonable amount of vinegar or any cleaning agent of your choice, and scrub with a scouring pad. Photo by David Stanley Mukooza 

By Desire Mbabaali

If you have seen a stained sink, toilet or tub, you possibly remember how disgusting it was. Any stain on those three is not only unconcealable but also taint the image of your house, so your sink, toilet and tub are some of the things you want to keep clean and free of any stains.

Harriet Nimusiima, a professional cleaner at Spotoff Cleaners, shares that for a good clean, any cleaner which contains hydrochloric acid is able to remove stains with little difficulty. “Normally, stains that attack these three areas are; limescale, a powder-like seal that usually grows on the taps and shower head and in the toilet dish, rust and soap scum, largely for tubs and sinks. If you are not using a cleaner, white vinegar is a great stain remover,” Nimusiima says.

Stubborn stains come as a result of irregular thorough cleaning of these areas, so ensure to give your toilet, sink and tub a thorough scrub at least once every week.
She also notes that when cleaning, always use hot water so that the stains are easily worked upon.

Cleaning taps
Pour a reasonable amount of vinegar into a sponge or scouring pad and scrub water taps and shower heads so as to remove any limescale on these. Rinse with clean water and dry clean with a dry towel.

To clean the sink and bathtub, pour a good amount of vinegar or cleaning agent of your choice into the sink or tub and use a scouring pad to scrub it clean, until all stains are no more.

“If the stains are established and stubborn, you might have to pour vinegar or cleaner, making sure the stained area is properly soaked. Let it seat for about 30 minutes and then use steel wire and a little effort to scour it clean. Repeat the process until the stain is finally ridden of. Rinse clean, and you will be good to go. For everyday cleaning, always pour hot water into your sink or tub and use a sponge or scouring pad to scrub clean and rinse with hot or warm water,” she explains.

Furthermore, Nimusiima notes that when it comes to toilet cleaning, many people either neglect or find cleaning the part towards the base of the toilet hard, and thus, very susceptible to getting stained. “Sometimes, when you look into that pipe-like part after the toilet bowl, there is likely to grow stains.

To clean, close the water source outside the cistern and flush until there is no water in the bowl. The reason for flushing the water out is because the water often becomes an inconvenience as it splashes while cleaning. After that, pour a cleaner with hydrochloric acid into the bowl. Let it seat for a few minutes and clean your toilet from bowl downwards.

Ensure that your brush has stiff nylon bristles so that it can properly clean the stains off. If your brush is old, replace it,” she explains.
Have a clean towel with which to clean the toilet seat, cover and cistern with, using a disinfectant of your choice.