Get a coffee table that suits your taste, budget

Wednesday June 17 2020

A circular aluminium coffee table with side

A circular aluminium coffee table with side stools on display at Danube Homes showroom. Photo by Promise Twinamukye 

By Promise Twinamukye

Coffee tables, also known as cocktail tables are normally placed in the living room in front of, or next to the sofa. The table should not be longer than the sofa.

Glass coffee table
A rectangular glass coffee table with a wooden lower part goes for Shs700,000 in workshops on Namugongo Road. This also comes with storage drawers on one side of the lower wooden part for storage purposes. In the same area, a customised centre piece coffee table from a set can go for up to Shs400,000. However, a four-set coffee table of any shape costs Shs800,000.
An oval shaped coffee table fits well with an L-shaped or sectional sofas. This type of glass table gives your living room an elegant look.

A bevelled, tempered safety glass shelves table, goes for up to $84.97 (about Shs315,000) without shipping costs on Amazon. This kind has a frosted finish on one shelf and sparkling steel legs and supports up to 100lbs (45kgs).
An imported rectangular coffee table made of tempered glass and steel costs Shs2.4m in upscale showrooms on Kampala Road. “A rectangular clear glass coffee table can be used at home and is also fit for commercial purposes,” Joseph Leo Felix, a store manager at Danube Home says.
With Shs2m to Shs3m, one can get an aquarium coffee table from online stores.

Marble coffee table
These come in circular, octagon, and other shapes. The marble tops stand on either metallic, brass coated or gold coated lower parts. They are between Shs2.35m and Shs3.5m. Prices differ because of difference in marble quality. A marble, second hand centre piece coffee table (from a set) from the UK is between Shs900,000 and Shs1m in a second hand markets.
From Jumia, a one centre piece marble coffee table can be ordered for prices ranging from Shs480,000 to Shs1m.

Wood coffee table
If you are looking for a rustic feel in your living room or have a farmhouse, this is especially for you. These give you a number of shapes to choose from. It can be free form, rectangular, or circular.
A wooden, three set coffee table comes in various shapes. The upscale price is between Shs750,000 and Shs2.5m
An extended coffee table made of wood and metallic inner hinges goes for about Shs2m. This is a multipurpose table that fits with one person, two or a party of six. It also gives one two options of heights they would need for a particular occasion. These are mostly imported from Malaysia.
In other places, a plain custom made coffee table with two stools goes for Shs500,000. .
A centre piece coffee table in the second hand market ranges from Shs600,000 to Shs800,000.
Online, wooden coffee tables with different shapes and designs range from Shs280,000 to Shs700,000 per coffee table, centre piece only and five piece round tables ranging from Shs778,000 to Shs2m.

Nesting coffee table
A nesting coffee table comprises three or more tables with different heights. The lower height tables come nesting under the higher table but you can place each table where you want it to be in your living room. Upscale price for a four set nesting coffee table between Shs1m and Shs1.3m in both tempered glass and wood make. A wooden nesting coffee table of four pieces imported from the UK goes for Shs900,000 elsewhere.
Online, locally made wooden four set nesting coffee tables can be ordered for Shs556,000.