Get your house in order after the festivities

Wednesday January 9 2019

Clean every spot in the house to give you a

Clean every spot in the house to give you a fresh start after the festive parties.  

By Desire Mbabaali

Christmas is finally done and the new year festivities over. The festive season always has a way of turning the house upside down because you have probably hosted more people, cooked more food, have more children staying home, or simply because you had to move things to create space for that Christmas tree and décor. Now that all that is done and you need to get your house back in order, Immaculate Kateregga, a professional cleaner, shares a few tips to help you do that with less hustle.

Kateregga says now that we are into the new year, you no longer need that Christmas décor, so bring it down. But while pulling down your décor, do not do this at once but rather in order. Pack your decorations back into their packs or in a box, but only keep what you think you may need next time you put up a Christmas tree. Throw away what you do not need, and eventually, put the Christmas tree away. You may have had extra things such as plates, glasses, your Christmas themed cups, table mats, cloth, among others. Also put these away and only keep what you need or what is sufficient for your current family size.

The next thing would then be moving things back to their original places. She adds that often, we move a number of things around the house to create space for decorations and people, but now that they are gone, move back chairs, tables, wall hangings, beds, mattresses back to their original spots in the house. As you do this, fit in new things such as gifts or anything new you might have bought into your home environment. These will add an even fresher look to your home.
Furthermore, it is a new year and new resolutions so do not cling to things you do not need, Kateregga urges. These not only create more clutter, but also make it hard to tidy up.

Give out or dispose of everything you do not need around the house, but if you also plan to replace a few things like that old rug, broken kitchen chair or that very old set of chairs, the best way to get inspired to replace them sooner than later is to lose them.
Since you probably had family and friends visit for Christmas, you are likely to find mystery things whose owners you are not sure about. These may be chargers, cables, clothes, sandals, or children’s toys. Keep these in one place and later, you can check with your former visitors whether any of those belong to them.

Finally, give your house a thorough clean. Kateregga emphasises that clean every area, space and room. If you did a lot of cooking, give your kitchen a thorough clean as well, giving attention to items such as the fridge, cooker, oven, microwave and give your source pans a good scrub. For easy cleaning, do a top to down cleaning for every room.