Hammocks, the best home hang-out idea

Wednesday August 7 2019

Hammocks can double as swings and can be added

Hammocks can double as swings and can be added to children’s play areas. Courtesy Photo 

By Janet Napio

So you have a compound with some trees and well-trimmed grass to go with it but don’t fancy the idea of laying down on a mat on the grass even if you would truly like to spend more time lazing outdoors. Or perhaps it is a balcony with ample space but nothing else to keep you coming back to it. Now picture this, you, relaxing on a hammock suspended somewhere in your compound or balcony, swaying gently enjoying the air and the green, eyes closed daydreaming about how to take over the world or perhaps, reading a book.

Hammocks, some say, are not an item many Ugandan homeowners think to acquire. In fact, Derrick Katumba from the Furniture Shop Kampala testifies that most people who buy hammocks are foreigners living in Uganda but rarely Ugandans.

There is really no reason why this should be so given that one doesn’t need too much space to accommodate a hammock.

“You basically need at least a four meter distance between two points to hang the hammock. It could be between trees or on a balcony,” says Catu Atim, the founder of Catwing hammocks.

Hammocks come in a number of types and sizes. According to www.hammocktown.com, hammocks can be made from stringor rope or fabric coon. Katumba says these can be one seaters, two seaters, full bed and even chair hammocks. He reveals that while some are imported, many are locally made.

An imported hammock is usually sold at select furniture shops and will cost you about Shs800,000 to Shs1.5m Katumba says.


However, Atim says hammocks can also be tailored from Strong Khaki fabric and African print. These go for Shs180, 000 at local manufature’s and art and craft stores.

There is absolutely no need to worry about your weight on a hammock. They are said to be able to carry considerably heavy weight.

“The hammocks are very safe. They have been tested over time with weights of up to 150kgs without breaking. Which basically means two average size people can fit on one at once,” Atim says.

Hammocks have straps with loops that make it easy to take down whenever necessary.
Atim says they can be left in the rain although it is not advisable to do this too often as the rain can cause a bit of a colour fade over a long time (one or two years).

“The khaki fabric can be stashed in a washing machine when dirty or hand washed. If you want the colour to last years without fading, then make sure to iron the material before any wash. Too much exposure to harsh weather conditions, sun or rain or sharp objects cutting through is not good,” she warns.

Setting up
Atim says the khaki hammocks comes as a complete package with straps, s-hooks and a racksac to package for those who wish to travel with them perhaps for camping.

Katumba says the seller usually assists with putting up the hammock.
So, a hammock, anybody?

Comfort. Because there are no pressure points, the body is able to completely rest. Supported. Suspended.

Stress release. The gentle, sway of the hammock is comforting. The mind and body easily relax, recognizing a primal rocking motion that soothed us as children. (Compiled from www.hammocktown.com)