How to make string lanterns

Wednesday July 10 2019



String lanterns are fun and could be the accessory that helps elevate your outdoor party to another level. Here is how to make them in these simple steps.

What you need
• Maize floor
• Cotton string
• Balloons
• Glue
• A stick
• A container
• Water
• Petroleum Jelly
• Spray paint
• Yarn
• Marker

How to
1. Blow your balloon to until it is round. Do not blow it too much it could make an odd shape. Think of the shape you wish to have and try to achieve it with your balloon.

2. Use a marker to draw the opening to your light source. This is what you will use to add your light source. If you are going to use a blub make sure that your opening is big enough to accommodate it into your lantern.

3. Put a paper or polythene bag on the floor to protect your floor and suspend your balloons using a stick. You can tie them on a stick or laundry wire with a string.

4. Using a container mix maize flour, glue and warm water until the mix is nice and smooth


5. Smear petroleum jelly on the balloon until is completely covered.

6. This is a two people job; one person should soak the yarn into the mixture while the other wraps it along the balloon. Make sure to keep within the confines of the drawn line.

7. Start by wrapping the yarn vertically around your balloon to desired tightness then horizontally. Make sure to push the beginning and end pieces of the yarn into the yarn to make your design seamless.
8. Allow the balloons to dry for twenty-four hours.

9. Pop them and use a toothpick to remove big crystalized parts of the lantern

10. Spray paint the lanterns.