I can spend the whole night in my sitting room

Wednesday August 12 2020

Bridget Nisha Ampurira is one of the first female artistes managers in Uganda having started out with artistes such as Jamal Wasswa and later, deejays, Roja and Slick Stuart till today. She told us about her favourite room.

What is your favourite part in your house and Why?
My favourite place in the house is the sitting room. It’s my comfort zone where all the day’s blessings start from and troubles end.

Why is the sitting room your favourite room?
With the TV blasting, phones, iPads and their swarm of notifications, the sitting room is my ideal place. It is where I relax with a book, cup of tea or a laptop. It’s also the spot where I keep the few hard copy magazines.

What is so special there?
It has my favourite comfy sofas with plumped up pillows and a soft throw to wrap yourself in. It’s also my place to read.

What else is in the sitting room?
There are sofa sets, woofers, screens, table and carpet among other basic things in the sitting room.

What is the most expensive item in your sitting room?
I just purchased a 55-inch Hisense brand TV.


How many hours do you spend in the sitting room in a day?
I can spend a night watching TV but that depends on what I’m watching.

What is the reason behind the decor in your room?
Deco in my room has my favourite colours but is not exaggerated. It’s painted peach colour.