Interior décor trends for 2020

Wednesday January 15 2020

Tiles are becoming outdated and people a

Tiles are becoming outdated and people are now opting for wood flooringWood Flooring. PHOTO BY RACHEL MABALA 

By Beatrice Nakibuuka

Kitchen décor
This year, people are likely to focus on making the kitchen more than just a room in the house according to Mwacumu Ngonzi, an interior designer at Kawa Interiors. There is need to change the pattern where this room has always looked like a place with cooking machinery. The trend can be changed by having some art pieces hang in the kitchen or using open shelves that display items.

Also, natural wood cabinets, kitchen islands will help allow a bright and airy atmosphere without restricting yourself to one colour in the kitchen.

She says: “Also, the curtains in the kitchen have faded out. The blinds which were once thought to be put in offices will now make their way into kitchens. This is because the kitchen handles a lot of water and washing, especially for the utensils. The blinds are easy to clean unlike the curtains which must be washed all the time.”

About curtains
In the year 2020, we are likely to see more plain curtains than floral or patterned ones. Plain curtains are easier to blend with other interior décor accessories compared to floral ones. Also, as a new trend, ensure the choice of curtain colours is determined by the rooms. The sitting room for example, should have curtains with a warm welcoming colour that is impressive and comforting to the occupants. The bedroom on the other hand, may have curtains with colours that are a bit dull with a calming effect that enables one to fall asleep easily.

Curtain boxes are becoming outdated and most of the people that have them are actually pulling them down according to Ngonzi. “We are likely to see more curtain rods in the New Year. She adds that, “the manual way of pulling curtains is now outdated. With the digitalisation, you only need a remote and we are going electric rails when it comes to curtains.”

These have a great impact on the interior décor besides being part of the general structure. The gypsum boards have long moved from the feel that you are in a club and many people intend to use them for their interior ceilings.


Gypsum board ceilings may be made of gypsum boards or ceiling tiles but the gypsum boards are available in larger boards compared to ceiling tiles. They are strong, versatile, light weight and easy to install.

“They will be a trending ceiling material for this year because they are fire-resistant and work well as soundproof, says Ngonzi. Finishing for the gypsum board ceilings can be with paints, laminates, or wallpapers to enhance a cozy appearance for your interior.”

After decades of uniformity, neutral colours, clean edges, interior décor designs with one- colour, the reign of plainness is coming to an end. According to Doreen Arinaitwe, an interior designer at Orchard Interiors, there is going to be a complete opposite shift in freedom for one to use more than one colour.

She says more and more homes will this year embrace the liberty of mixing colours, patterns and textures and elegantly incorporate bold colours, geometric patterns to help homeowners express what their personality is.

“Painting an interior door in a dark colour adds warmth to your space other than having one colour running through the room. However, this should be done with care or things may go out of hand and the space will look crowded and messy. It is advisable that people get professional advice on how best to do multi-colour without going overboard,” Arinaitwe remarks.

With good light, a home environment can provide warmth, brightness and accentuate the colours that you used for your interior.
Monica Tino, an interior designer at Divahz Interior Designers, advises that you can opt for a brighter or dimmer setting depending on how you want the room to feel but can also be a great renovation option.
LED lights are likely to be trending this year because they are more energy efficient and emit much lower levels of heat than other types of lighting.
Tino says: “Recessed lighting in your bedroom will continue to trend because it casts an even glow as opposed to a fluorescent light fixture. Side lamps are good for task lighting, and consider installing a dimmer light for overhead lighting.”
Tino says one needs to have multiple sources of light. “It would be ideal to have a lighting source whose switch you can easily flick on when you come in.

3D wall panels
The 3D wall panels are likely to replace the accent walling that has trended for quite some time now. The plain accent wall that may be a different colour acting as a centre of attraction in your house would better be changed to a textured wall using the 3D wall panels. This trend popped up last year and is likely to become more famous this year.
Tino says: “These are very versatile in that one can choose the pattern they want but once you plan to incorporate them into your interior décor, use the 3D panels sparingly or the room will look cluttered and will not bring out the feel that you wanted to.”

The Rattan type of furniture is reappearing and has evolved over time. If you are the type of personality that needs a mix of modern and traditional style in your décor, you need the rattan furniture. We saw this décor trend in the previous year and are likely to be a trend this year as well.

Jute flowers
Arinaitwe says: “If you want a more traditional style feel in you interior décor, the jute flower vases can do a great job and will be trending this year.”
Jute vases are made from jute, a natural fibre.

Tiles are becoming more outdated with time and more homes are adopting wooden floors because of their durability. “After some time, Arinaitwe says, the floor tiles will always need replacement because they tend to pop out especially when there is a lot of traffic moving in the area. The wooden floors are easier to clean and it may take longer for them to be replaced.”

Bed accessories
Ngonzi says: “The mosquito nets that come packed with stands are becoming outdated. The trendy ones are those that are suspended from the ceiling. These have a rail that is fixed from the ceiling then the net is suspended up to the floor.”

She also remarks that for people who want a cozy feel in the New Year, this is your time. Fibre cushions and throw pillows are going to be trendy and will no longer be matched with the type of furniture you have placed in the room but rather depend on the colour and texture of the carpet or the floor you choose for a particular room.

Wall paper
Floral wallpaper has been around for years and you will continue to see the pretty pattern but with a much more modern additions such as bold colours, and metallic versions.

Tino says: “Having artificial plants in your house may be cozy but it is very outdated. They will eventually become dusty yet adding no value to your house. This year, try to have natural plants especially those that are known for purifying the air such as peace lilies, ferns and mother-in-law’s plants.”