Invest in fast growing Koch Goma

Wednesday July 17 2019

The recently tarmacked road from the heart of

The recently tarmacked road from the heart of Gulu town, and minutes’ drive to Koch- Goma Trading Centre. PHOTO BY POLYCARP KALOKWERA 

By Polycarp Kalokwera

Koch-Goma is bordered by Alero to the north, Koch-Ongako to the east, Anaka to west and Koch-Lii to the south. Koch-Goma is the fastest growing village in Nwoya District. It has four parishes namely; Kal, Amar, Agonga and Kalang with a population of 15,000 people according to the Uganda Bureau of statistics report of 2014.
According to Rwot Oketa Solomon Oyat, the prime minister of Koch clan, Koch Goma was birthed after a breakaway from the Koch clan which was originally from Pakwach.

Due to power struggles, one of the clan members known as Rwot Latogo left with his brother Daca and their families. While some settled in Lamogi in Amuru District, Latogo continued to Nwoya and settled in the place which would later be known as Koch Goma. Unfortunately, between 1986 and 2005, the village was abandoned due to fear of the Lord’s Resistance Army soldiers who used to frequent it. It is only after 2006 that resettlement began and the village has now been given a fresh chance at life and development.
Koch was originally occupied by only Rwot Latogo’s 14 children.

Cost of land
With the resettlement in 2006, Koch is slowly but steadily growing. The cost of land in the area depends on proximity to the road and one’s persuasive, bargaining skills. Although most residents are reluctant to sell land to newcomers, one can still find land here.

Koch-Goma Sub-county chairperson John Bosco Okullu, says a plot of land of 15x 30ft is sold at between Shs4m and Shs6m. He says land owners sell to people they feel have potential to develop the land.

“As leaders we drive development in an area and thus different land owners who can’t develop their land are selling it to others who have potential to develop it within a specific timeframe of not more than three years,” Okullu adds. In the more remote parts of Koch, one can buy and acre of land at Shs1million.

There are few rentals within Koch-Goma trading centre and the few are majorly occupied by traders and civil servants residing within the trading centre
The rent for residential houses ranges between Shs40,000 to Shs50, 000 for a single room and Shs80, 000 to Shs120,000 for a double room. Rent for commercial houses ranges from Shs 80,000 to Shs 150,000


There is a commendable number of schools in Koch ranging from nursery to secondary schools, government, private and community schools for example Koch-Goma Central Primary School, Coo-Rom Primary School, Kalang Primary School, Ter-Okono Community School and Koch-Goma Senior Secondary School among others.

The main road leading to Koch Goma is tarmacked with exceptions of access roads within the area that are mostly murram.

Since there is no electricity connection in Koch, you will need to invest in solar energy gadgets.

Economic activities
Koch-Goma is the most fertile land in Acholi Sub-region and the leading supplier of simsim in Uganda. It is no wonder that agribusiness is the fundamental economic activity as farmers here supply a number of investors with simsim, cassava and cotton.
Other economic activities range from retail shops, hotels, commercial bee-keeping and honey processing, among others.
Andrew Oloya, an entrepreneur says, the village has a lot of untapped economic potential that is worth investment.

Koch Goma has a police post that operates 24 hours. The promising town board has over the years developed into a stopover for passengers heading to West Nile region.
Former parish chief Kal Richard Acire says, there’s need to craft avenues to create jobs to curb the rising hooliganism by youth.