Iron choice for your clothes

Wednesday July 15 2020

A steam iron will leave your clothes neat

A steam iron will leave your clothes neat without too much effort. Photo/Promise Twinamukye 

By Promise Twinamukye

If you fall in the tidy and neat category, you will need to always have an iron in your house. There are different ironing options that are not only convenient, but will also work well with your type of garment.
Though the electric iron was invented in the early 1880s, in the late 90s, the most common one was charcoal iron. You would open it and put burning charcoal inside and then start pressing your cloth. You just needed to know how to regulate the heat emanating from the iron. You also needed to try hard not to be clumsy or else your clothes would have black spots of charcoal all over.
It is getting more convenient to straighten your clothes by the day with more types of irons being introduced on the market.

Dry iron
This is usually referred to as the traditional iron, kind of like the charcoal iron, only that it uses electricity. It does not produce steam of its own, you have to sprinkle water on the cloth if it is very dry for better results.
You may also need to be careful in measuring the temperature so that you do not burn your cloth because when it heats up, it has no cooler to bring it down unless you switch it off.
They mostly come in metal with a nonstick ironing piece for better gliding on the cloth. Most of them are light too, so it is easy to pack it along as you go on a trip or vacation.

Prices range from Shs30, 000 to Shs86, 000 depending on the brand and size from online stores.
In the same category is a cordless dry iron. This one comes with a soleplate. The soleplate is where you place the dry iron and when the temperature needed is reached, the light goes off, then you can remove the iron.
This one goes for Shs124, 000 on online stores.

Steam iron
According to, if you want to save time when using the iron, you should definitely go for the steam iron. With the help of the steam iron, it will indeed become easier for you to iron a large pile of clothes within a shorter period of time. They go from the range of Shs50, 000 to Shs240, 000 on online stores, depending on the brand and the technology used in the iron. In upscale price shopping centres around Bugolobi in Kampala, the steam iron ranges from Shs100, ooo to Shs 150,000 around Bugolobi in Kampala.

Travel iron
There is also an option of a travel iron which is smaller than the usual irons. It is made so to use little space in your travel bag in case you have a trip or vacation.


Steamers relax fibres rather than flattening like traditional ironing, this process is gentler on clothing and eliminates burning. This means a clothes steamer can also be used to remove wrinkles from delicate fabrics such as silk.
According to, the most popular steamers are handheld and easy to use, simply hang garment, fill the steamer’s water reservoir, wait a few minutes for it to heat and proceed to go over the article with a sweeping motion.
The steamer ranges from Shs90, 000 to Shs400, 000 from online stores.

The type of iron you choose will depend on how much work you have at hand and time. While a dry iron takes longer to iron a cloth and needs a lot of work like regulating temperature and having to keep sprinkling water to help with the stubborn creases, the steam iron does all that in one go thus taking shorter time. The steamer on the other hand keeps your cloth neat and casual, not very flat and more comfortable to wear for casual, work, parties. The clothes are neat and do not show that you pressed them, a kind of casual neatness, I can call it refreshed.