Kasanje: Where you can invest in tourist resorts

Wednesday October 9 2019

Abbey Ntutumu, a broker, shows some of the

Abbey Ntutumu, a broker, shows some of the plots on sale in Bweyogerere Village, Kasanje, Wakiso District. Photo by Tony Mushoborozi 

By Tony Mushoborozi

Kasanje lies right in the middle of Entebbe and Mpigi, two of the major towns in the greater metropolitan area. The little village is so close to Entebbe town that a bodaboda ride costs as low as Shs2,000 from Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe to Kasanje. Because the village lies on the shores of Lake Victoria, the air is noticeably fresh and the soil very fertile.
Whether you are looking for a place to build a home, or a place to practice farming, or a tourist resort targeting the bird watchers in the nearby Mabamba swamp, this is the place to check out.

While it is perfect for people who work in Entebbe, it is not too far from Kampala city either.
Thirty kilometres is not too far out of Kampala to stop one from having their quiet home here.

Someone interested in water-based recreation would be right at home in Kasanje at a fraction of the cost of living near the lake.

Larger acreages
Because Kasanje is only seeing the first sign of modern development, there huge opportunities for people interested in investing in schools, hospitals and hospitality centres.

An acre of land here and all the surrounding villages of Bulumbu, Buyege and Bugogo is between Shs25m and Shs35m depending on proximity to the main road.

Schools and hospitals built today are sure to make any smart investor rich in the near future.


Going by the large farms that one is able to see on roadsides, growing things such as tomatoes, matooke and other such food crops on a large scale, this is one the very best places to do farming so close to the biggest market in the country. Because of its proximity to towns like Entebbe and Mpigi, there is ready market for poultry products, pork and the like.

In one of the valleys on the stretch towards Mpigi town, there lies a large piggery farm that the locals say belongs to an investor.

The locals say the farm supplies pork to not only the towns of Entebbe and Mpigi but also Kampala.

Kasanje is far enough from the city for a farm of this nature, but also close enough for one to keep abreast of the market.

Large chunks of land are not only for people interested in farming or larger projects like schools and hospitals, there are less labour-intensive projects that one can put on such land.

The easiest and cheapest project to develop on such land is a forestry venture.

Trees will keep your land a lot safer from land grabbers for a long time and you will also be assured of an income when the harvest comes.

“If you are interested in land trading, which is the best way to profit from land, you have the choice to demarcate the acreage into smaller standard plots for resale,” says Dennis Sebwato land trader of 30-years experience.

Residential plots
Standard plots of 50ft X 100ft go for as low as Shs4m here. The problem is the low prices have caused so many people to rush here and lap up most of them. This is what usually happens.

People lap up cheap land in a newly-opened up market like Kasanje. They then hoard it for later resale. Since it is a nice way to invest money, you could be a part of these smart people.

There are still several plots that are cheap as Shs4m in Bweyogerere village near Kasangye trading centre. The village lies on a road that connects to Katende on Masaka road, making it quite accessible.

The plots here are on an east-facing gentle hill and would make a good place to build a home.
Bulumbu village is closer to Mabamba swamp. Abbey Ntutumu one of the brokers in Kasangye, says most of the plots here have been bought by land traders because the location is very desirable.
Some plots here offer a view of the lake and yet they are not expensive.

A standard plot of land here, about three kilometres from Kasangye trading centre goes for Shs6m.
According to Ntutumu, people bought the plot at Sh4m just one year ago and a few of them put them right back on the market.

Most of these plots are being sold by the very well known property companies.

However, there are individual traders and local land owners that have plots on sale as well. Those are even easier to negotiate with.

However , have a lawyer handy because buying from individuals tends to expose one more to forgery. That is not to say there is no fraud in the big property companies.

The money in the property market has pulled too many fraudsters into the fray.