Kataizula is ideal for start-up businesses

Wednesday February 05 2020

Kataizula in Budaka Town Council-Budaka District has experienced rapid growth. A number of mega well-planned structures have changed the face of this once provincial town. Some investors might be under the impression that all the prime real estate has already been snatched up leaving no more land for further expansion. However, in reality the offer of land for sale depends entirely on the venture. And if you are considering investing, the time is right now when the cost of land is still reasonable.
About 20 kilometres from Mbale town, Kataizula is located on Mbale-Tirinyi, about one-hour-drive from Mbale town. Popular as tourist site for its beautiful rocks, set against a tranquil rural environment, Kataizula is one of the prominent villages that make up Budaka Town council. Among the new businesses that have sprung up include retail shops, hotels, bars, schools and health centres.
The town has attracted investors from Mbale town and its outskirts that hope to take advantage of its rapid development. John Magino, a local shopkeeper reveals his business has grown tremendously as the area’s population keeps increasing.
Wako Mboizi, a hotel proprietor, confirms that the area is rapidly growing compared to a few years back.
“Kataizula is becoming a hot cake, especially for business people. Many people are now flooding the area-especially either as investors or to have fun in the many vibrant entertainment places that are thriving,” Mboizi confided. It is also an attractive place for families with school-going children because of the presence of a number of high quality schools.

Cost of land
The cost of land in Kataizula is still friendly which has also attracted many investors, an acre goes for Shs25m while the standard residential plots (50 X 100ft) range from as low as Shs 9m.
The magnificent view of Budaka Town is attributed to the upgrading of its trading centres to town councils which of late has witnessed double investment in property estates and human resource.
“This upgrade comes with its advantages such as electricity, piped water, improved roads network, decent restaurants and good accommodation,” Abdu Karim, a resident notes.
Clement Babula; the first pilot in Bukedi sub-region is one of the prominent people that made tangible development in the area.
Babula built the first modern guest house in the town which is still frequented by tourists and rich travelers.
The town accommodates a mixture of elite and ordinary citizens who engage in multi-sectoral activities ranging from small, medium and economic activities.

In terms of security, the town is relatively peaceful with no-major crimes because of the intensification of police patrols. Several revellers dance the night away without fear which has boosted the area’s nightlife business.

With the increasing population migrating from other areas, has forced many of such structures to crop up, and the cost of living is relatively hight compared to other nearby towns.
A of people number from other neighbouring districts such as Kibuku, Pallisa, and others as far as Mbale find it more economical to buy and construct rentals as well as their own homes.
However, there are enough decent house for rent. A self-contained room goes for as little as Shs 60,000. Many town dwellers in the area opt for such rooms. The area is good for residential housing too. Kataizula shares both flat, hilly, which gives a nice view of the surrounding areas and would be popular for tourists keen on magnificent views and nature.
Investing in schools is another profitable venture one could think of with the rapid growth of the village, all those intending to put up structures are required to present approved plans before the real construction commences in order to have a well-structured town.