Kibiito town: A hotspot for housing investment

Wednesday January 22 2020

A section of Fort Portal- Kasese Road under c

A section of Fort Portal- Kasese Road under construction. The road passes through Kibiito town. The town is a hotspot for housing investment. PHOTO BY ALEX ASHABA 


After two years of operation as the headquarters of the recently created district of Bunyangabu, Kibiito Town that was not eyed for business has now turned into a vibrant business centre.

Kibiito used to have virgin plots of land for many years because no one considered investing in real estate for business because of low demand but now the trend has changed as many people are eyeing the town.

A plot of land in Kibiito is like a hot cake since the entire town is now a business hotspot presenting an opportunity for investors to establish commercial housing, residential and hotels.

It sits near mountain Rwenzori ranges of Katebwa and Kabonero in Bunyangabu district and borders Kasese district thus offering further opportunity for tourism investment
Kibiito Town is 31 kilometre southwest on Fort Portal-Kasese Road, which is currently under reconstruction and near completion and will make accessibility easier. A ride in 14-seater taxi from Fort Portal to Kibiito town is Shs3, 000.

The town has a number of populous institutions such as Bunyangabu District headquarters, Kibiito Secondary school, Kibiito Health centre IV, Kibiito Police Station, among others. However, the town has few accommodation facilities by way of apartments, hotels.

Kibiito is currently facing an influx of people who want to do business but the challenge is that the town has little investments in hotels, commercial buildings both for residential and business. This gives golden opportunity for any interested investor to invest.


The town is experiencing a mad rush for plots from people who intend to establish hotels, residential houses, lodges among others although others who have plots are still hoarding them in speculation of reaping even higher prices in future.

“I was told that in this town there is no hotel with conference hall so I decided to buy land in Kibiito though it is away from the town centre. I want to establish a hotel before this year (2020) ends” says James Mugisha, a businessman.

Investment gap
Because of the limited accommodation facilities, visitors to the town and staff in the town’s institutions have to deal with the inconvenience of travelling every evening to Fort Portal town, 31km away.

The town is also a hub for the other smaller trading centres around it such as Kasuganyanja, Rwimi and Nyakigumba which all have very vibrant market days with traveling traders who would offer a readily available clientele base for accommodation facilities.

The few accommodation facilities that are available in the area are relatively cheap at about Shs10, 000 per night.
Kibiito has Kamwe Hotel and other small eateries located in Kibiito market. In these places, food goes for Shs3,000 and Shs5,000 depending on the type of meal.

Cost of land
Kibiito Town Council chairperson Gaudiozo Tugwezire, says the cost of land now in Kibiito, especially along the main road is between Shs30m and Shs40m for a 100×100ft plot depending on its location while the same plot away from the highway is between Shs20m and Shs25m.
The land in Kibiito is fertile and supports the growing of bananas, Irish potatoes, maize, beans, tomatoes, among others.
Rental premises for business purposes in Kibiito are highly competitive because of its fast rate of growth.
Chairperson of Kibiito central village Patrick Kusemererwa says along the main road, single rooms for business are between Shs200,000 and Shs250,000 depending on the size.

Peter Asaba, who operates business in Kibiito Market, a few metres away from the highway, says in the market, rent for a commercial is between Shs100,000 and Shs150,000 per month. He says if an entrepreneur considers investing in Kibiito, they would do well to invest in commercial houses.

Kibiito Town is a stone’s throw from Kibiito Central Police Station. There are also a number of police posts around its suburbs.

Health& education
The area has Kibiito Health Centre IV, which works as district hospital, NWSC, Kibiito Secondary school and numerous other primary schools.
The town has access roads such as Basaija road, Batamba and Adolf Mwesigye Road.