Kisozi-Buddo: A place to build a home and farm

Wednesday February 6 2019

An aerial view of Kisozi-Buddo, a serene area

An aerial view of Kisozi-Buddo, a serene area with vast land. Photo by Gabriel Buule 

By Gabriel Buule

With the cost of living rising every single day, a home with ample space to carry out money-generating activities such as crop farming, animal husbandry, other business enterprises, or just substance farming, is ideal. Kisozi-Buddo can offer land for a home with such activities.

Located a few kilometres from Kampala city, on Masaka Highway, in Wakiso District, Kisozi-Buddo, is yet another budding place for anyone who would wish to have a home in an area near the city but with an upcountry touch.

Kisozi-Buddo already has several social services in place and neighbours Buganda’s coronation site - Naggalabi-Buddo.
For those thinking of buying land bigger than 50x100ft, and establish a spacious home, Kisozi-Buddo is an ideal place to acquire reasonable space for a home, and farmland for those interested in agriculture.

Visiting Kisozi-Buddo a few weeks ago, I realised there is still vast land in the area with several willing sellers waiting for buyers. Kisozi-Buddo is easily accessible even for those working in the city centre, the area has already interested a number of people with several homes, schools being erected.

City commuters
Kisozi-Buddo is gradually becoming home for many city workers. The place is adjacent to a tarmac road under construction. This road will connect the Southern Bypass to Masaka road via Kajjansi, Nakawuka, and Buddo, thus offering a quick access to the city centre through Nateete.

Notable in this place besides the green environment, and the fertile soils, is the tourism site that gives a chance for any interested developer to establish a cottage or a safari lodge for tourists, who come to the area every day to visit Buganda’s coronation place Naggalabi Buddo just adjacent to Kisozi-Buddo.

Annet Nakawuka, who moved to the area in 2014, says the number of people moving to Kisozi-Buddo is visibly increasing and many new houses, schools and churches are emerging.

For Hellen Nakityo, a resident, Kisozi-Buddo gives a semi-urban feel because of its proximity to the city and the quality of housing that are emerging. She adds that its green cover makes it a healthy environment to live in.
“Everything is becoming easier since shops are available, we have a recreation centre and public transport is available with taxis charging from Shs1,500 to Shs2,000 to and from Kampala,” Nakityo shares.

In regards to building, some of the most crucial materials are readily available. Some of the materials include bricks, which have given several youth employment as they engage in brick-laying. The other readily available materials are poles given the booming eucalyptus business in the area.

Gladys Nansubuga, a resident, says Kisozi-Buddo is good for homes and farming, especially for those seeking to retire in a quiet environment with a vast vegetation cover.

Cost of land
Land in Kisozi-Buddo is on various tenure systems with many untitled land (Bibanja) holders, private milo and Kingdom land as managed by Buganda land board.

Nakawuka she says in 2014, she bought an acre of land at Shs8.9m. She says the cost of land has been rising. An acre of land is now at Shs32m. She, however, notes that the cost of land in the area depends on one’s negotiation skills.
Just like other resident we spoke to, she says on average, kibanja land 50 by 100ft kibanja land is Shs5m. A 50 by 100ft private mailo land with a title goes for Shs9m.

She says there are no real estate agencies at the moment so one can consult local brokers on areas with available land.

The residents
Many people have started opting for noise free places to make homes and unlike in the past when people liked building homes in congested towns due to availability of social services.
Kisozi-Buddo offers a noise free, health environment for any person looking for a prudent home.
Muhwezi Gregory, a broker and a mason in Kisozi-Buddo, says: “Noise is no longer overlooked when considering constructing home”.

Kisozi- Buddo being one of the most significant places for Buganda region, Baganda are the majority although there are several other tribes.

Andrew Kinene, a resident, explains that most of the people in the area are home owners and peasant farmers with some emerging elites who reside in the area but work in the neighbouring suburbs such as Kitemu, Nsangi, Kyegera , Nateete and Kampala City.

Kinene explains that it is a peaceful area with low crime rate, mostly petty cases have been recorded.
“We have police and we have community policing here people know each other and we can easily identify wrong elements,” Kinene explains.

Where is Kisozi-Buddo?
Kisozi Buddo is located in Wakiso District an emerging town south-west of Kampala capital city off Mpigi-Masaka road. 14 kilometres closer to Kampala City, Kisozi Buddo is presumably 17 minute drive from Kampala in case there is light traffic.