Kitgum Stage is Lira’s business hub

This business centre connects Kitgum, Pader, Oyam and Lira districts

Residents of Kitgum Stage in Lira Town go about their duties. Photo by Bill Oketch 



Kitgum Stage is both the departure and arrival point for those travelling to and from Kitgum and Pader districts. The stage is on Oyam Road in Lira Town.
It is about 800 metres from Lira Bus Park, and if one is to use a boda boda, it costs Shs1, 000 although it is a walkable distance.
The stage has several access roads such as Obote Avenue, Oyam, Wonyaci and Inomo roads.

The area is considered the busiest business centre within the town because it is the only place where you find almost all types of businesses.

Kitgum Stage is a busy area with several wholesale and retail shops, bars, lodges, hotels, betting centres, and restaurants.
When in this zone, you should expect to eat chapatti, beans, posho, peas, vegetables, sausages, chips, chicken, fish, rice and matooke at any time of the day, with their prices ranging from as low as Shs2,000 to Shs5,000.

For a place to spend the night and feel at home away from home, one needs at least Shs10,000 to book into a guest house and about Shs75,000 to Shs100,000 for a hotel room.

Kitgum stage also happens to be the only place in Lira where you access mobile money services past midnight.
Kitgum Stage is a very busy area with a lot of businesses. Saidi Mukasa, a guest house owner, says accommodation, bars and clubs, mobile money and eating joints are the best businesses one can set up in the area. This is because their client is guaranteed as people flock this place both day and night.
Crime and security
“There is still high rate of immorality, theft and use of drugs by the youth from within and outside the area but together with the police, we have been carrying out operations in order to arrest apprehend wrong doers,” says Patrick Opio, the chairman LCI of Bazza West village.

The chairman says there is an ongoing household registration project to curb insecurity. “I believe the area will be good and safe enough for people to live in,” he says.
Social facilities
Kitgum Stage is easily accessible with most of its roads wide and well light.
Kitgum Stage is surrounded by Lira Main market, Juba Market and Ireda Market. There area also has a number of health facilities such as pharmacies, drug shops, clinics and Lira Regional Referral Hospital is just about a kilometre away.
It is also surrounded by schools from nursery to secondary level.
Land and housing
In order for one to acquire a plot in this neighbourhood, they must have between Shs20m to Shs50m.

Renting single and double room houses costs between Shs50, 000 and Shs90, 000. Renting a commercial house is between Shs400,000 to Shs1m.
Back in the day, this zone had very poor roads with many spots where criminals hid and robbed residents.
Currently, it has many access roads and part of Oyam Road is under construction.
“Despite the fact that a lot of development has taken place in this area, there is no moral changes as some people still rob others, use drugs and sex workers still go about their daily business with no fear or shame,” says chairman Opio.
“Being a place with a number of bars, there is a lot of noise even during day,” shares Sharon Akello, a resident.

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