Kiyindi is ideal for waterfront investment

Wednesday March 25 2020

Located on the shores of L. Victoria, Kiyindi is well known for its thriving silverfish trade. Photo by Jessica Sabano

When investing in property, there are few options more appealing and lucrative than those close to water bodies such as lakes or oceans. Whether you are searching for a family home, a house to rent out and generate an income or a resort, being close to the water can increase your chances of successful financial investment, as well as providing you with a host of additional lifestyle benefits.

If you are thinking about looking for waterfront property, consider Kiyindi Landing site on the shores of L. Victoria. Located about 35km from Lugazi Town, and 82 km from Kampala City, Kiyindi is located at the landing site. It is about two to three hours’ drive from the city.

One of the most crucial considerations for investors is supply and demand. In Kiyindi, there is increasing demand for quality and affordable housing thanks to the thriving silverfish trade.

This is one of those places waiting to be discovered and developed into a tourist hotspot. With its improved road network and available water transport to other islands such as Buvuma by ferry makes Buvuma attractive.

“Although the place has some other smaller dusty roads, Kiyindi now has marrum roads. The area recently became a town council thus attracting more people,” Abdul Mwanje , the area chairman revealed.

Economic activities
The common businesses thriving in the area is fishing which is supported by other businesses such as retail shops, agricultural produce, restaurants, bars and financial services such as mobile money centres.
“The nearby landing sites attract so many investors who camp and look for accommodation in Kiyindi since it is a big and developing centre,” Mwanje said.
Moses Kiwanuka a broker in Kiyindi, says the cost of land now has risen as more people move in to open up businesses.
The place also has fertile soils suitable for agriculture.


A self-contained room goes for Shs150,000. Many students in this area opt for self-contained rooms, which means good business for developers.
The area is good for residential housing. Investing in quality schools is the other venture one can think of because there are few schools and factories in this area.

This waterfront town oozes a relaxed vibe with sociable people. In this atmosphere the people tend to form a strong sense of goodwill and therefore, less cause for criminal activities. Kiyindi has a police post with less than 10 officers and therefore, there is need for more officers since the population is increasing every now and then. It has a patrol that helps in monitoring.

Cost of land
Andrew Bbosa , a landlord in the area, says 20 years ago, almost all people were bibanja (untitled land) holders and land.
Currently, the land is on various tenure systems with some bibanja holders and private mailo. A 50x100ft plot of land that cost Shs 3m 20 years ago, is now sold between Shs 8m and Shs20m. A 100x100ft, which cost Shs 6m years ago, currently Shs20m and above.

Access to amenities
Kiyindi has a number of murrum roads that are in fair condition. It is also connected to the main national water and electricity grids.