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Know your hood : Nakasero, The most luxurious address in town

Wednesday April 3 2013


Nakasero is the hill where the central business district of Kampala is located. Kampala is Uganda’s capital city
“It’s name is believed to have been derived from ‘Obusero’ meaning baskets. A group of ladies used to make their baskets around some places in the current Nakasero. So everyone was prompted to call it ‘ewobusero’ which later was modified to Nakasero”, according to the chairman, All Saints Village, James Mugoya, a resident, who has spent over 30 years in the place.
“They sold them to diverse parts of the continent like Tanzania, Kenya, among others, but mainly sold them around their local market that is now Nakasero market along Dastur Street,” adds Mugoya.

With 4 divisions, 1, 2, 3, and 4. It accommodates a lot of buildings with mainly offices and a very few residential houses according to Paul Kagame, a resident. It is actually under the supervision of the Kampala City Council Authority since iit is in the centre of the city. Nakasero is bordered by Mulago to the north, Makerere to the northwest, Old Kampala to the west, Namirembe and Mengo to the southwest, Nsambya to the south, Kibuli to the southeast and Kololo to the east.

The divides
The lower reaches of the western and southern slopes of the hill accommodate the ordinary business and commercial activities of the city. (taxi parks, train station, shopping arcades, banks and regular restaurants). Towards the top of the hill, there are government buildings including the Parliament buildings, the Kampala Capital City Authority building complex and several government ministries.
The top of Nakasero Hill is the most luxurious address in the city and accommodates the most upscale hotels and restaurants in the country. The State House is also located here. The northern and eastern slopes of Nakasero Hill house most of the diplomatic missions to Uganda and the residencies of ambassadors.

Development and security
Development has been at a fast pace. Being one of the most luxurious addresses in town, it has attracted a number of expatriates and their companies and offices and high-income earners. The roads are all tarmacked.

In the whole of Uganda, it’s believed to posses the most organised security. With the help of the area police, army and the local defence secretary, among other organs, the streets are kept clear at all times.
Strict patrols at night also are of great importance since the hill is home to several prominent people whose security must be guaranteed.

Features and social places on the Hill.
Government buildings.
Nakasero has government buildings like; Uganda State House, Kampala Headquarters of Bank of Uganda, Headquarters of Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda Government Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Uganda High Court, Uganda Investment Authority, Uganda Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Internal Affairs among others.

Banking institutions
Many of the headquarters of different banks have been positioned on the slopes of the hill. So the residents have all the access to different institutions of their choices for instance; Headquarters of ABC Bank (Uganda), Bank of Africa (Uganda), Bank of Baroda (Uganda), Uganda Development Bank, Barclays Bank (Uganda), Centenary Bank, DFCU Bank, East African Development Bank, Housing Finance Bank, Stanbic Bank (Uganda) Limited, and United Bank for Africa among others.

Hotels, clubs and casinos
George Arinaitwe, a resident says most of the hang outs in Nakasero are high end and are suitable for mostly foreigners who drop in the country for their businesses. Among these are; Grand Imperial Hotel, Emin Pasha Hotel, Fairway Hotel, Kampala Casino, Kampala Club, Kampala Hilton Hotel, Kampala Serena Hotel, Kampala Sheraton Hotel, and Uganda Doctors Club.

Foreign embassies
The hill has many embassies including the embassies of Austria, Cuba, Denmark, France, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Switzerland among others.

Places of worship
With many activities going on around the place, however the hill has gotten only three places of worship among them is All Saints Cathedral (Anglican) Christ the King Church (Roman Catholic) and the Mosque of Nakasero (Islam). However, these places of worship are prominent enough.

Schools and hospitals
The beautiful and serene place has at least two primary schools; Buganda Road Primary School, Nakasero Primary School and one big hospital though with a couple of clinics, Nakasero Hospital and St. Catherine Clinic among others.