Know your hood : Kibuye, The place synonymous with traffic noises and jams

Wednesday August 14 2013


Kibuye is an area in Makindye division just a few kilometres from the city Centre. Kibuye is a low-income residential place and an entertainment avenue. The small-developing town is clustered with pubs, bars, and night clubs, and due to its juxtaposition to the slum of Katwe and business areas like Makindye and Ndeeba, it’s of a combination of two environments.

According to a longtime resident, 84-year-old Annet Nampanga, “Kibuye was land owned by the Kabaka, it was a place where the Kabaka ordered all the women, young and old and wives of the men who worked in the palace to stay and while he gave the men to stay in a place called Masajja meaning “the place of the men” a Kampala suburb”. She also adds, “Kibuye was the place where food, water and money was organised and later on taken for the people of the palace, however the area was named Kibuye from a name of one of the oldest princesses of Buganda that was close to the Kabaka”.

Population burst
According to the defense personnel 52-year-old Mr. Fred Mubiru, “Five years back, Kibuye was home to just a handful of people, but today the place is growing smaller because of the increasing number of people shifting in and children born”. He also adds that, “Kibuye of 7-years back had grand thatched houses and had not even a single flat in the whole area, but now it has got more than 20 flats”.

The Lc1 chairman, 57-year-old Mr. Richard Ssentongo partly blames KCCA for having failed to dig their feeder roads. “We have tried to work hand in hand with KCCA when digging the trenches and widening of the feeder roads, but they have since stopped coming, our roads are very narrow and dusty”, sadly says the chairman.

Speaking of development in Kibuye, one can however assert that the once underdeveloped town has now grown into an enhanced state than it was five years back. According to the LC1 chairman, “at least parents have adopted education and have tried to take their children to school though not all have done managed to many reasons. Many schools have cropped up thus many have gone to school”.

Popular institutions
Schools like, Kibuye Primary School and Northhood Secondary School among others. Various banks have been set up in the area like Centenary Bank, Stanbic Bank and Pride Microfinance Bank among others. Kibuye also holds a few fair and executive hotels and restaurants like Makindye house, Zoom guest house among others. Kibuye has also got many bars and night clubs like Volts, Dancers, Rastafarian bar and club among others. Even Katwe regional police station is located in Kibuye.

Water and sanitation
The defence personnel says electricity and water are good compared to other suburbs around Kampala. He also says, “Kibuye’s health is fair because of good sanitation in the area, even if KCCA fails to pick up rubbish. People always tend to pay up young boys who find where to throw the rubbish”. However, feeder roads are in a bad condition since they are narrow and are rarely dug. “We have often dug them ourselves yet it’s something KCCA is assigned to”, says the Mr. Ssentongo.

Transport and security
Transport in Kibuye is fair since it’s just next to town, one can however pat only Shs500 to and from town.
According to Mubiru, “the security of the area is bad mainly because of the growing number of idle youth in the village. They are idle and unemployed. We have at least tried to reduce on the number of iron bar hit men in the area”. According to a few residents of the area, “Kibuye is dangerous from 12 am-4am. They have tried to sensitize us on moving in the late hours of the night, but a few have stubbornly failed to go by the rules set for the village. It’s mostly the boda cyclists who have often fallen victims”.

Mr. Mubiru also says, “They have a few idle youth who have self-nicknamed them selves Ki-face, they are allover Makindye division, and it’s a group of idle girls and boys. They often attack people as early as 8pm, they snatch bags, they struggle revelers who come in late after work”. However, Mr. Mubiru adds that, the place has enough security and is sometimes backed up by the military that comes in when things go sore, but he says Kibuye is a good place to reside if one follows the strict laws of the place.