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Know your hood : Kyaliwajala catching up with development

Wednesday February 13 2013

Kyaliwajala is a good place for small

Kyaliwajala is a good place for small businesses to flourish. photo by Rachel Mabala 


Kyaliwajjala is a town that was barely thought of as anything, as nearly as 15 years ago. However, today, the developement there is profound. Kyaliwajala now glares with such outstanding development comparable to older Kampala suburbs.

Kyaliwajjala is a neighbourhood in Kira municipality, Wakiso district and lies about 14 kilometres(by road) to the north east of Kampala. It is bordered by Namugongo to the north east, Bweyogerere to the south east, Naalya to the south, Najjera to the west and downtown Kira to the North west.

When asked about how the name Kyaliwajjala was birthed, Edward Musisi, the L.C 1 chairman of the area says that the name is traced from way back, probably a myth.
“Back then, there was a prominent witch doctor called Wajjala who lived in the area,” he says, “No one was like him.”
He adds that, due to the wondrous and mighty works that he did, the residents while discussing about him always referred to what went on at his place as a snap shot of what goes on in heaven.
They always said in wonder; “ekyali e wajjala” (meaning what happened at Wajjala’s) This thus resulted in the name Kyaliwajjala.

Recent developments
It is worth noting that Kyaliwajjala has greatly blossomed from the little village it was a while ago into a suburb worth reckoning with.
With the erection of structures like the Quality Shopping mall which is neighboured by Afronica Bar, one of the oldest and most known in the place, the residents believe that this is but a tip of the ice-burg.
Along the Namugongo-Sonde route lies well positioned Premier Pub regarded as the best pork joint in the area, not forgetting Agenda 2000.

Anyait Stella the manager of Rangers Pub says that Kyaliwajjala is a perfect location for a bar.
“People here are unwavering customers. The bottle is their life,” she says, “in a good night, I make about Shs400,000 save for this last month when people have been extremely broke. I’ve only been making about Shs100,000 a night.”

Business and residing in Kyaliwajjala
“Business here is fifty-fifty depending on the season,” says Nabukeera an owner of a cosmetics shop in the area. “In the very good seasons, I make over Shs200,000 which is worth my rent. As for the bad ones, I may not even make a cent in a day.”
With a population of over 10,000 people, the area boasts of a wide market base especially for the petty businesses.
As for houses for rent, a self contained house goes for about Shs400,000 which seemingly is quite affordable given its proximity to the city center.
And for those venturing in real house estate construction, a plot of 50 by 100 ft goes for close to Shs40m as compared to the original Shs3m 15 years ago.

Steadyfast security
The area rarely experiences an outburst of crime and save for the few thefty cases that are expected in any normal area, there are no major crimes as such. According to the L.C1 chairman, the last major case of theft recorded was about 5 years ago, but then the thieves were clobbered. This uncommonly tight security is attributed to the police force at Kira Road police station.