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Know your hood : Makindye, a place from which you can easily access the city

Wednesday July 31 2013


Makindye is a hill in Kampala , It’s the seat of Makindye division which is one of the five administrative zones of Kampala. The place has seven zones and among them are Wasswa zone, Barracks zone and Namisalo zone. It has a great view of the surrounding areas of the whole city and of neighbouring parts of Wakiso District. It also affords a view of Murchison Bay, a part of Lake Victoria to the east and southeast of Makindye.

Home to prominent people
The residential areas on Makindye hill are of middle class people. Makindye is both a residential and commercial areas with many night clubs and many retail shops. The place is a home to many big names in town, such as Ian Clarke, Peter Sematimba among others. According to one Job Assimwe, a boda boda cyclist, Makindye is also home to very musicians and many music studios.

According to 87-year-old, Nalongo Nasamba, the name “Makindye”was derived from a tale/fable. She says, “There once lived three women in the area, they shared a room every night. Those,days animals ate human beings, so one night a wired animal came and snatched one of the women and ate them. So one of the two remaining women told the other to lock the door, but the other woman refused and cried out ‘mama nze zindye?’, so she refused to close the door and the animal ate them one by one till they were gone.”

Developments, complicatons
According to the LC1 chairman of Wasswa zone, 58-year-old Ssalongo Luyombo, “If you compare the past Makindye of about five years back and today’s, there is a bigger margin in terms of development. Makindye has greatly developed and has thus attracted many residents from different places who have bought land and have permanently built good houses and buildings.”

“It was the most densely populated divisions in Kampala, but as we speak now, the population has greatly risen,” adds Ssalongo. According to a broker Edward Muteesa, “It’s even harder to get land to buy since the place has got a huge number of people residing in the area.”

Unfortunately, Luyombo discredits KCCA for having failed to collect rubbish from the area, ‘they are supposed to collect rubbish every day, but they can even take over four days without coming around, leaving the area miserably filthy and exposing the people around to many infections.
“However I thank them for having helped a lot in the digging and well-channeling of the trenches in area.”

However Ssalongo complained a lot on the status of the feeder roads, “we have a few main roads that are tarmacked, but the rest are very dusty and have got ditches, we have tried to dig them ourselves but whenever it rains, holes are made and mud is accumulated after the rain.”’

Ssalongo attributes the poor security situation in the area to the number of idle youth who have gravely punished the area in terms of security. “We have a terrible crew here in Makindye that self-named themselves ‘Ki-face’. They are a group of young boys and girls of about 15-25years of age; they have killed, stolen and destroyed people’s lives and property in the area. We have tried to arrest a few, but we have learnt that they even recruit young idle and school boys and girls”.

The Makindye terrors
“The Ki-face crew has strangled and hit very many people with iron-bars especially those who move in the night, we have tried to sensitize our residents about late movements, but some have failed to listen, however some have no option since they work and come back late.”

Sadly, that’s not all. The defence personnel Joweria Kato says that they have got a lot of thieves who rob the local’s property, “we even have some that rob one’s house without any one in the house finding out, but only to find out in the morning. They use young beautiful ladies to lure the men during the night or in the night clubs, then on there way home, they either kill them or hurt them in any way.”

Ssalongo also says, “we have been helped by the military on some occasions when things go terribly astray. When the military comes in, the crime decreases. At least they have decreased compared to the past five years.”

According to a resident who refused to disclose his name, transport costs only Shs500 for one to move to town by taxi and Shs1000 to return from town.

Land marks around Makindye
Makindye is a well known place and has lot of features.
The headquarters of Makindye division is located here, the common Makindye Military Police Barracks and rison is also one the landmarks in the place, Makindye General Hospital is also found in this area. Makindye has also got a lot of hotels and recreation spots. It also has a lot schools like Military Primary School, Makindye Parents, St. Mbuga Vocational Primary and Secondary School among others.