Know your hood :Najjera is host to many residential homes

Wednesday June 26 2013

By Daniel Mukisa

Najeera stands out as one of Wakiso’s most developed residential towns. The rate at which the area has progressed from the earlier days of its mild development has been quite sky rocketing and this can be portrayed in the many business structures that have been erected in the area in the recent past, a good number of housing estates as well as the so many industries and companies occupying a good part of the area’s land.

According to Kibalama Samuel, the L.C1 chairman of the place who was born, raised and developed in Najeera, the name finds its roots from the two zones in which it is divided. The area is divided into zones Busibante and Bulabira.

“Back then, Kasibante, one of the elders in the day solely possessed over four hundred acres of land and so when he died and there seemed to be nothing left to be told about him to the next generations, the other elders agreed that the part of Najeera which his land occupied be called Busibante,” he points out, “and so that gave rise to the zone Busibante.

He adds that as for Bulabira zone, there was another ancient man who belonged to the Makobe clan and also had close to six hundred acres of land. He was called Kilabira which meant that also as quite expected,when he passed on, his name would be transferred to the part which his land occupied.

However, other elders in the place are still skeptical about the grass-root basis where this name was derived. MzeeBruno sserunkumawho is believed to be the oldest man in the area for example says that the name just came out of people’s discussions, but has no real trace to anyone.

Najeera which is residence to over fifty thousand people is located eighteen kilometres( ten miles) from Kampala, Uganda’s capital. The area is found in Kiira town council, Wakiso district. It is bordered by Kiwatule to the East, Buwate, Kungu and Kiira to the West, Kimbejja and Kyaliwajjala to the North and Kulambiiro to the South.

Development at its peak
Mzee Bruno says that compared to the weather bound road that covered most of the area even the road from Ntinda to Najeera, today the only thing left hanging in the balance is constructing a flyover otherwise transport in the place has ultimately metamorphosed into what any town needs for development. Also compared to the trouble that always came about in trying to get water, he adds that now all homesteads ably access safe piped water.

The chairman of the place says that now with new investors like Bokomo Uganda Limited, a South African company dealing in production of chicken products in the place, other companies like Jomayi have also choosen to invest in the place which is a great indicator of development.

“At the moment, I don’t see a better suburb to reside in other than Najeera,” says Bob, a resident in the area, “simply because of the mode of construction which is so executive.”
Bob actually says that in the early 90s where one most of the residents always had to walk from Najeera to Ntinda, anyone who rode on a bicycle to Ntinda or even town was considered a hero and highly honored in the place.

“But now things have changed,” he asserts, “ everyone seems to be driving something. Even the bodaboda men have upgraded from bicycles to motorcycles.”

Very transitional business
“All we had to deal in back then was selling of coffee and cotton, but with less earnings at the end of the day.” Notes Kibalama, “That however is not the trend now. These days, real estate development is at its apex, plumbers are reaping lots of profits and as well poultry is booming.”

The area also boosts of many recreation joints like Triangle Traven Hotel just along the main road, Zamunda Guest House and several others. These according to Ssetala, a bodaboda man in the area are the most prominent businesses sice almost everyone would want to stop over at some joint on an evening and sip a few shots.

Mzee Bruno agrees with Ssetala, however in a more revealing way. He says that unlike back in the 60s when residents used to sell local brew on a home basis, the bars and drinking joints at the moment have only rebranded themselves in a more exotic way, just so they fit their clients demands.

Residing in Najeera much safer than before
“I go out for functions but with one assurance on mind,” he points out, “I know that I will go backand sleep in a house which I can comforatably call a home and not any place. At least the silence in the area makes it home.”

The next business hub around town
Gerald Walusimbi, One of the elders in the place believes that Najeera may turn out to be yet another very busy town with much of his reasons aligned to the fast paced way the area is developing.

“The place may become like Kamwokya in terms of business,” he observedly notes, “It is even evident with the way investors are starting to set up hotels and several other buildings which may turn out as hosts for a number of offices.”