Let lighting set the mood

Wednesday November 19 2014

Just like the paint colour

Just like the paint colour, the bulb shade you use in the room can either make or break the mood. 


If you want to set a certain atmosphere in a particular room, there are a number of options you can use. Among these is the type of bulb you choose for that room.

Gloria Kawuma, an interior designer with Habitat Consultants, says bulbs especially the colour of a bulb you choose sets the atmosphere in the room. She explains that if you need sufficient light, the most ideal type is the white bulbs (traditional bulbs).

However, to create a specific mood in the room, when buying a bulb, you should go beyond picking an energy saver to details like the colour of the bulb. Kawuma says a coloured bulb in whichever colour will set a specific mood while an ordinary bulb will set a plain mood.

A warm feeling
“For a comfortable, warm feeling, try using either yellow or orange colours. These produce a glow like a fireplace or sunshine and tend to lift the spirits and make people feel happy. They are better off used in the sitting room and children’s play area,” she explains.

Kawuma adds that cooler colours such as blue and green give a peaceful and tranquil feeling. These colours have a calming effect and they can be used in the dining area, bedrooms and bathroom.

A lot depends on your furnishings, paint, furniture, woodwork, and bedspreads as they should be of a complimentary colour, for instance, to create a cooling feeling in the room, the accessories in the house should be to that effect and so should the lighting be.

This is why you should opt for natural bulb colours such as blue or green.
In terms of size, Kawuma says the size of the bulb should correspond with the size of the room. “Small bulbs should be put in small rooms and big bulbs in big rooms,” she says.